Best Cosmetic Organizer

Having your makeup well organized and tidy is the first step to improve your beauty. Because nothing stresses more than having to be looking for what you need, in the middle of a lot of messy makeup products. 

So that you have all your cosmetics in order, you just have to follow the advice of our guide to buy the Best Cosmetic Organizer depending on the space you need and what is most comfortable for you.

Type of Best Cosmetic Organizer

Makeup organizers are diverse products that adapt both to our bathroom and to take them with us when necessary. Therefore, in any comparison of best cosmetic organizer that we find, there are products designed both to have them fixed at home without moving them to take them anywhere.

In the case of domestic models, the possibilities are remarkable. However, the most common best cosmetic organizer are those that include a chest of drawers for storing small things, along with an upper area with compartments for larger pieces. 

The advantage of these models is that everything is at hand, so you don’t have to worry about looking for things. Above all, considering the transparent material with which many of these products are manufactured.

As for laptops, most of them have a suitcase-shaped design, similar to a tool suitcase. A suitcase that opens at the top and unfolds to give you easy access to all your things without complications. 

Anyway, if you prefer something different, there are also bag-like models that open completely and unfold, leaving ample space to store your things, while, once opened, you have all your makeup elements on hand without having to look for them.

Space and Dimensions

Another important aspect when choosing a best cosmetic organizer is the space available inside. Something that depends so much on the amount of makeup we have at home or on what we want to take anywhere, if we talk about a portable model. Therefore, it is important to see the measures and especially the useful space offered by the product inside.

In the desktop or desktop best cosmetic organizer, the space is usually distributed in drawers and in an upper area, as we have indicated before. However, what varies as usual is the number of drawers and their measurements.

This configuration usually offers two or three drawers, easy to use with a good size to store what you need. Something that also influences how much the product costs, although if it is in exchange for having plenty of space for your cosmetics, there is nothing better.

Something similar occurs with models prepared to take them with you where necessary. Whether it is in a briefcase style format or if it is in a roll-out format, the options are different in terms of size and available space.

Anyway, keep in mind that being products that you are going to take with you, the weight of them is also important, to avoid that the makeup case supposes a significant weight when using it.

Manufacturing Materials

To close our advice, we have to talk about the manufacturing materials of the product. Something very important given that these organizers are going to have considerable use, in terms of use, load and other important issues, typical of the use. It’s no use an economic organizer if in the end you won’t be able to use it more than a couple of times because it breaks.

Therefore, these materials must be resistant, no matter what. In general, in the models of organizers manufactured to be fixed, it is usual to use high quality acrylic plastic and transparent type.

 A material that has a remarkable resistance and that is not affected in case there is an accident or spill. All this without forgetting that this material is easy to clean when necessary.

As for the materials of portable models, the resistance required by outdoor use should be added to normal resistance. Something that should allow to bear the possible blows, as well as the process of continuous opening and closing of the product, so it is convenient to take a look at the zipper.

 This resistance must also be present in the handles or supports that help carry the product, to prevent them from breaking during use.

Best Makeup Organizers – 2020 Reviews

We all want to have cosmetic products and jewelry organized and accessible at all times, but it is difficult to get, so it is always advisable to have an organizer. Check below the Best Cosmetic Organizer quoted models in the market.

Image Name Type Dimensions Price
Screenshot_1 (1) SANNO Acrylic Make Up Organiser 20 Sections with 4 Drawers, Diamond Drawer Handle 9.4″(L) x 5.3″(W) x 7.6″(H) Check Price
Screenshot_2 (1) (1) Compactor Large 3 Drawer Jewellery and Makeup Organiser (WxDxH) 24 x 15 x 18.7cm Check Price
Screenshot_3 (1) (1) Songmics Purple  Aluminium Make-up Organiser 14.4 x 8.7 x 9.8 inches Check Price
Screenshot_4 (2) AMEITECH 360° 360 Degree Rotating Adjustable Makeup Organizers 15inch in height and 10.3inch in diameter  Check Price
Screenshot_5 (1) (1) Display4top J 4 Drawers Smoky Gray) 9.5x 6x 7.5inch (L*W*H) Check Price

SANNO Acrylic Transparent Acrylic Organizer

Main Features Explained

Makeup organizers are small boxes with multiple compartments that help us keep all our beauty gadgets together and organized. We all know how complicated it can be every morning if we have little time to put on makeup, so it is essential that we have on hand and organized the colors, palettes, brushes and lipsticks that we will wear every day, so as not to waste time looking for a Cosmetic disorder

Best Cosmetic Organizer

Best Cosmetic Organizer Ohuhu Makeup Organizer will be your great ally and not in vain has the support of many buyers who highly recommend it. Thanks to its reduced dimensions of 24 x 20 x 15 cm, you can conveniently mount it on the dressing table and have everything you need on hand; This way you save space, and above all you save time when you put on makeup.

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Practical and functional design

It is important when looking for a makeup organizer, that it offers us an ideal design, that both the size and its structure can be adapted to all our makeup options; but also, that harmonizes with the decoration of our dressing table. These attributes describe the Transparent Ohuhu, an organizer with large capacity in a compact size.

It is an organizer composed of two bodies, a practical chest of drawers that integrates 3 drawers, and a comfortable and functional structure ideal for brushes, lipsticks and any product of greater height. 

Each chest of drawers has a handle and a black quilted bottom fabric, so you can keep delicate jewels.

Its upper structure consists of 12 staggered compartments specially designed to store lipsticks. It includes 3 larger divisions for other beauty products and a large section for larger things. No matter if you have a lot of makeup, you will have everything in place and properly organized.

Tough and versatile

This storage box is made of high strength transparent acrylicmethacrylate. This material stands out for its hardness and durability, is resistant to weathering, scratches and is transparent. 

The makeup organizer of Ohuhu is quite light in weight, with 1.5 kg, so moving it from one place to another will not be a problem. In addition, their two bodies can be used together (one over another) or separated, according to your needs and tastes.

This organizing box can also be used for the purpose of organizing your desk. In the same way that you can store various makeup products, jewelry, jewelry, perfumes, etc .; 

You can also comfortably store: pens, pencils, small notebooks, drafts, markers, brushes, etc. Its translucent quality allows you to easily visualize everything you keep, while maintaining order in the dressing table or in the office. In addition, you can easily clean it with just a cloth without much complication.

This organizer measures 24 cm wide, 190 cm high and 15 cm deep and is made of transparent acrylic to help visualize its contents. It consists of two independent units that can be used as makeup boxes, in a single module or separately, depending on the space you have available.

The upper unit is divided into spaces of different dimensions, without cover, to place elements of various sizes. The lower unit consists of 3 drawers of approximately 3 cm in height and includes 3 textile pieces in the form of a padded grid, for use as a protective base, especially for jewelry items.

Considered by some citizens as possibly the best makeup organizer of the moment, the Transparent of Ohuhu has certain characteristics that also nominate it as the best makeup organizer for 30 euros:

Variety :

One of the ways to acquire the best makeup organizer model for you or your partner is knowing the approximate amount of makeup you want to store, so you can choose the right size.

The Transparent of Ohuhu can be acquired in two presentations, small or large, so that you can obtain the one that best suits your needs.

Compartments :

One of the aspects of greatest interest among buyers interested in acquiring a good makeup organizer is the amount of compartments that it has, since in this way they can know if they will find enough space. 

The Transparent This model has three storage drawers and various upper spaces for lipsticks, creams and much more.

Materials :

one of the most appreciated materials in the construction of a makeup organizer is acrylic, since this is transparent and allows you to clearly see the contents of the compartments making the search faster. 

Ohuhu gives us the Transparent model made of acrylic, which will allow you to easily access what you are looking for without having to open each compartment.

Dimensions :

The Ohuhu Transparent makeup organizer has dimensions of 16 x 19.6 x 24.1 centimeters in its large version, so it is wide enough to store a large amount of makeup and jewelry. 

Its small version has dimensions of 24.1 x 11.4 x 14 centimeters so you have a slightly more compact storage space.

Weight :

This great makeup organizer has a total weight of 1.1 kilograms, so it is quite robust. This will be very useful for you if it were to fall because its good finishes will give it a certain level of resistance.

  • Its large capacity and compact size is the most outstanding quality of this makeup organizer.
  • You will not need a big drawer to have all your cosmetics, jewelry and makeup organized.
  • ideal design.
  • 3 drawers.
  • hardness and durability.
  • Organizing your desk.
  • Drawers are a bit unstable when you remove one of them. However, many customers are very satisfied with their purchase.
Our Verdict
Its excellent value for money and the high score that buyers have given it, suggests that this is a recommended product as a successful purchase.

Compactor Polystyrene Organizer

The second option when looking for the best cosmetic organizer on the market . This is a multipurpose organizer, ideal for cosmetics and jewelry, which measures 24 cm wide, 18 cm high and 15 cm deep and is made of resistant transparent plastic to be able to conveniently observe what is inside.

Best Cosmetic Organizer

This organizer consists of 2 distinct areas. A bottom with 3 drawers 3 cm deep, which you can use to keep all your jewelry pieces organized.

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Each drawer has a handle and a canvas inside, which covers the entire base as a protection against scratches and sliding of the pieces inside, which you can choose to use or not according to your comfort. The upper part has divisions of various sizes for greater utility.

In order to determine a good decision about which makeup organizer to buy, it is important to consider the amount of makeup you have so that you acquire the most practical for you:

Design :

Compactor RAN 5055 makeup organizer wins second place in our list because it has a very attractive, practical design that can look really amazing on your bedside table. It has good storage space and various drawers and cubicles.

Materials :

the material used in its manufacture is polystyrene, so it has a transparent finish. Thanks to this you can easily access the contents of your drawers thus saving a lot of time and effort.

Dimensions :

it has dimensions of 24 x 15 x 18.7 centimeters, which makes it quite spacious for a standard amount of makeup. This will allow you to organize your basic makeup with ease.

Use :

Thanks to the design and storage spaces, you can use this organizer both for makeup and to store jewelry, so you can order virtually all your accessories so you can find them with ease before each departure.

Drawers :

some customers indicated that the drawers at the bottom can be a bit low for storing compact powders, so they recommend removing the middle one so that they can fit comfortably.

  • very attractive. good storage space .
  • practical design.
  • its manufacture is polystyrene.
  • organizer both for makeup and to store jewelry
  • drawers at the bottom can be a bit low for storing.

Songmics Makeup Case  

Among the Best Cosmetic Organizer of 2020 we find model of Songmics in the form of a briefcase, which has 2 hinged lids that open outward, with 2 trays built into each.

Best Cosmetic Organizer

The trays feature a groove design with removable divisions, which can be adjusted according to the width of the items we need to store. The bottom area is divided into 4 spaces.

The outer structure is made of light and resistant aluminum alloy with PU walls of striking purple color, and measures 36.5 cm long, 22 cm wide and 25 cm high.

It has a comfortable handle on the lid, to carry in the hand, and a sturdy nylon strap, to carry on the shoulder, which make it easily transportable. It also includes locks and keys to keep it closed for convenience and security.

Knowing the best brand of cosmetic organizer is not always the best way to make a good investment, but taking into account the design and capacity of the organizer:

Materials :

one of the positive aspects of this model is that it is made of aluminum, which gives it high resistance to bumps and scratches.

Dimensions :

it has dimensions of 36.5 x 22 x 25 centimeters when it is open, being one of the largest in our list.

Design :

It is designed to work as a small suitcase, which will allow you to take it on a trip if you wish.

Size :

Due to its dimensions, it may not be too comfortable to have it in the comb or in the sink, so you should keep this aspect in mind if you have small spaces.

Transparent :

Also, since it is not made of transparent materials, you must open it completely to be able to find what you are looking for.

  • Comfortable handle on the lid.
  • Made of aluminum.
  • Largest in our list.
  • Work as a small suitcase.
  • Transparent materials.
  • Dimensionsmay not be too comfortable.

Ameitech Best Makeup Organizer

To make up, there are many products as well as the tools that we are led to use. It is for this reason that the purchase of a makeup organizer is strongly recommended.

Best Cosmetic Organizer

Measuring 25 cm long, 36 cm wide and 25 cm high, this model can accommodate a large amount of beauty products. In addition, it weighs more than 1.4 kg, which is synonymous with stability.

In all, this model incorporates eight storage compartments. However, be aware that access to your products is relatively easy. Indeed, this organizer is equipped with a column which can rotate 360 ​​°.

In terms of its design, this best cosmetic organizer remains particularly elegant. This is made possible thanks to its finish called Crystal Clear. As for the contents of the packaging, you will be entitled to two plates serving as support, a lower plate and another upper as well as four laminates, two lip boxes and finally sixteen fixing rings.

Seen from this angle, its installation seems quite complex, but in reality, it is quite the opposite. In fact, all of these elements come together quite easily. In terms of maintenance, know that this makeup organizer is fairly easy to clean.


Each base can be mounted according to the products we have, which greatly facilitates assembly. Also, be aware that the shelves come off quite easily.


The fact that this organizer is transparent is a real plus since it will adapt to all interior styles. In addition, this finish will bring a touch of lightness to your room.

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By design, you will have no trouble accessing all of your products. Indeed, this organizer is equipped with a plate which can rotate more than 360 °.


Given its size, this organizer will not take up too much space, moreover, it will save you a lot of space.


Despite its appearance, know that this organizer is relatively fragile, suddenly, do not expect it to last over time. Note also that handling it will require great care.

  • accommodate a large amount of beauty products.
  • Crystal Clear.
  • fairly easy to clean.
  • it will save you a lot of space.
  • Light Weight.
  • handling it will require great care.

Display4top Makeup Organizer with Drawers

By design, a makeup organizer is much more practical than a makeup bag. Indeed, this equipment offers much more storage. In addition, all products will be immediately at hand. With several storage compartments and a drawer, this organizer can accommodate a large quantity of products. 

Best Cosmetic Organizer

This ranges from skincare cream, nail polish, jewelry to makeup accessories. Besides, know that this model measures 34.2 cm long, 23.8 cm wide and 17 cm high. As for its weight, it is equal to 998 g, which is not much.

Given its size, this organizer can be placed on your makeup table or even your bedside table. That said, nothing prevents you from installing it in the bathroom or in the living room. Solidly designed, this organizer is made entirely of acrylic. Design level, this model remains completely discreet. Therefore, it will not spoil the style of your interior.

As for its maintenance, note that a damp cloth will be enough to make it shine. For the toughest stains, know that its structure supports hot water, but also cleaning with soap and water.

Removable foam: 

To avoid scratching high-value items such as jewelry, there is nothing more practical than a foam drawer. Besides, know that this organizer integrates this device.

A Nice Design: 

Far from being a best cosmetic organizer, this model is well finished. This is explained by its color, but also by the integration of the patterns.


Given the number of storage spaces it includes, you will have enough space to store all your makeup accessories, but also fashion. In addition, the storage size differs from each other.

Handles Delivered Randomly:

Once the order is placed, we can only receive one type of handle. However, the diamond version is much more elegant than the classic model.

Rigid plastic: This material does not enhance this makeup organizer. Indeed, hard plastic gives it a cheap side.

  • Solidly designed.
  • organizer is made entirely of acrylic.
  • accommodate a large amount of beauty products.
  • well finished.
  • enough space to store.
  • hard plastic gives it a cheap side

How to use a makeup organizer?

A makeup organizer is a device used to store various beauty accessories such as lipsticks, foundations, blushes, mascaras and many others. It allows you to collect them in one place for easy access and not to lose them.

 But to benefit from more comfort during its use, it should be handled as it should. Here are some lines to brief you on this point.

Check The Size Of Your Equipment Before Using It

It is essential to examine the size of your organizer before using it so that it is able to meet your needs. Indeed, make sure that the dimensions of your equipment can contain all your beauty accessories.

If it is too large for your belongings, you risk to clutter up for nothing. In the case where it is much smaller, your objects may be scattered everywhere.

Set Up Your Makeup Organizer On A Flat Surface

To avoid the risk of your belongings scattering on the floor, it is important to place your makeup organizer on a flat surface. Put it on a table or dressing table to do this.

Also avoid placing it in a humid place full of dust so as not to damage your accessories. Also keep it away from children so as not to lose your products.

Throw Away Expired And Damaged Beauty Products

It is advisable to throw out expired and unusable beauty products in the trash so as not to clutter your makeup organizer. Thus, you should only put in the effects that you really need and that are still in good condition.

Arrange Your Beauty Accessories In The Different Compartments

First of all, find out if your equipment has the necessary compartments to store your make-up in a well-organized manner. To find you better, you can put beauty products from the same category in the same box.

For example, lipsticks in the first drawer, eye items in another, and so on. However, put the make-up you use on a daily basis in the easiest part. It is therefore much more advantageous to rely on rotating models to quickly and easily achieve all your effects.

Remember To Regularly Clean Your Equipment And Your Beauty Products

It is essential to clean your makeup organizer from time to time to extend its life expectancy and eliminate bacteria. To do this, you need to dust it with a cloth. To clean the inside of the compartments, first take the time to get all your belongings out.

Before putting them back in place, it is also recommended to unclog them for more cleanliness. As for the powder brushes, you can wash them with soap and water and dry them.