Top 6 Best Fat Tire Electric Bike

Looking for stability, comfort and more grip on your tires? Do you like its dominant aesthetic? Do you want to go places where no other bicycle can? Mud, rock, snow, beach … best fat tire electric bike can do anything. Dare yourself.

It is no longer so rare to see wide-wheeled bicycles, both in urban settings and in more aggressive mountain areas. In fact, specialized stores include them in their catalog as the perfect all-terrain bike for routes and extreme challenges.

This does not mean that you can only use it to have more fun in unexplored places and special conditions. The electric fat bikes  adapt perfectly to all terrains, including the city .

Here you will find everything you need to know about electric fat bikes. We hope you like!

What Is An Electric Fat Bike. What Are They For

The fat bike is a mountain bike, equipped with 3.5 to 5-inch wheels. Wide tires make it necessary to change the geometry of the bicycle to maintain stability.

Initially they were designed for snow and sand, where a greater surface is necessary  to avoid sinking . But due to their ease of adaptation to any terrain and the inclusion of motor-assisted pedaling, they have become an excellent alternative to urban and mountain bikes.

The most notable advantage provided by fat bikes is that they absorb better bumps and uneven terrain, minimizing vibrations in the frame and handlebars. In fact, in these models  the suspension is not a differentiating element .

The electric fat bike provides  more stability on uneven terrain  (mud, loose stone, …) and on descents it gains speed very easily. In contrast, the heaviest weight of the wheels is a ballast on false plains or with steep climbs. And it is here where the “electric” concept gains importance. With assisted pedaling you will be able to tackle the slopes without problems , while taking advantage of the wide wheels.

Best Fat Tire Electric Bike 2020

Image Product Details   Price
Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bike Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bike 7-Speed, 26-inch Wheels Check Price
Schwinn Protocol Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike 26-Inch Wheels, Red/Blue Check Price
Cyrusher XF650 1000W Electric Mountain Bike Cyrusher XF650 1000W Electric Mountain Bike 264 inch Fat Tire e-Bike 7 Speeds Check Price
ECOTRIC Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike ECOTRIC Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike 36V 12Ah Removable Lithium Battery  Check Price
NAKTO Electric Bike NAKTO Electric Bike for Adults 6-Speed Gear Speed E-Bike with Removable Waterproof 36V10A Lithium Battery and Charger Check Price
BRIGHT GG ebike BRIGHT GG ebike Removable 36V 10AH/48V 12AH Lithium Battery Check Price

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bike is the top best fat tire bike. This mountain bike is 17-inches and the frame is manufactured with high-tensile steel. It has 7 different modes of speed and its speed is easily changed according to rider’s need or desire. The wheels are large and of 26-inches. It is strong and durable but light in its weight.

Best Fat Tire Electric Bike


This mountain bike is conquering off-road trail with more easiness. It has the best seven different speeds that make it easier to climb the hill by using Shimano rear derailleur and contains twist shifters to make smooth riding and also very easy to change gears. With its best speed and performance, it is strong and durable yet lightweight alloy rims keep its weight down. The suggested rider’s height for a ride this mountain bike is about 5’6″ to 6′ tall.

Product description:

The wheels size is 26-inch and ensures its great stability without the conditions of the ground. It handles every kind of surface for your comfort. It is made using the best 7-speed Shimano derailleur for easy riding to climb hills and make an easier process of shifting gears. It has a dual-disc brake so you easily engage the brake instantly when you required and ensures your safety. The frame of this mountain bike is cruiser-style for the rider’s comfort and you can handle it easily.


This mountain bike is made from a durable frame and the best quality material is used in it. It easily rides on every tough surface also. It’s assembling is very easy and requires very little time. It is ideal for different terrains and provides smooth riding even on the hard surface. It is a great exercise bike and very efficient in its nature. The changing of gears is very quick and easy.

This mountain bike creates a noise when you apply brake every time and it is quite annoying sometimes but the noise is not too much louder and not very annoying.


  • Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bike conquers any off-road trail easily by its steel-framed mountain bike.
  • The Shimano rear derailleur has seven speeds and makes it easier to hill the climbs and the twist shifters of this bike make smooth and easier to change gears.
  • It contains a threadless headset that has the ability to adjust for different heights of riders. It is a strong and lightweight mountain bike.
  • This mountain bike ensures the safety of riders with its front and rear disc brakes. The rear hub is of 26-inch.
  • This is suggested for adult rides and also provides a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Durable Frame
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Ideal for Different Terrains
  • Excellent Stopping Power
  • Quick and Easy to Change Gears
  • Noisy brakes

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bike is best in its qualities and characteristics. The frame of this mountain bike is durable. It is very easy to assemble and ideal for every rough surface of the ground. It has excellent stopping power with its best brake. It delivers the best experience of riding.

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Mountain Bike

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Mountain Bike is the best fat tire mountain bike that has dual-suspension for the smoother ride. The frame of this aluminum is made from aluminum. The wheels are 26-inch and come in red or blue color. It has a front suspension fork that is for reliable riding. The best front-rear disc brakes are used in it that ensure maximum safety of rider when immediately brake is applied.

Best Fat Tire Electric Bike


This mountain bike has an aluminum frame and has dual-suspension which indicates it’s lightweight. It will easily absorb the bumps and every hurdle that you face during riding. Its front fork is for absorbing all the thumps upfront. This mountain bike has 24 speeds by using Shimano EZ-fire shifters. The speeds are best to climb the steepest hills and even the toughest ravines and are also best for smooth shifting.

Product description:

This mountain bike is manufactured using Promax front and rear disc brakes for instantly stop the bike when you require to apply brake and give you full confidence about its brake function. This bike uses double-walled alloy rims and three-piece cranks in its manufacturing that shows its high quality and light in its weight but strong and durable. This is built for mountain rider so they climb the mountain more easily.


The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Mountain Bike is manufactured with a dual-suspension frame that is made from aluminum so light in weight but easily supports the heavyweight of riders. It provides a very smooth ride. It has a wonderful gearing system and it has the ability to fast and smooth changing of gear. This mountain bike has excellent tires which provide the best grip and great traction in all surface’s condition.  

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The seat of this mountain bike is a little hard and not very comfortable but best supports for heavy rider’s weights. It has no place to hold a water bottle or any other thing.


  • Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Mountain Bike has an aluminum full suspension frame and also has front suspension fork for reliable traveling.
  • The 24-speed Shimano rear derailleur is used that provides different ranges of gear and also smooth-shifting out during the riding.
  • It instantly stops in all crisp conditions by using its front-rear disc brakes.
  • The alloy rims are light but strong and durable in quality.
  • The alloy crank used in this mountain bike is for optimal gearing.
  • Great quality
  • Durable and stable
  • Beautiful design
  • Lightweight
  • Great handling
  • Powerful and responsive brakes
  • Seat is hard
  • No place to hold a hand pump or a water bottle

The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Mountain Bike is composed of great quality material and with beautiful design. It is highly stable and durable yet lightweight. The assembling of this mountain bike is the simplest. The brake used in it is powerful and responsive that immediately engages the brake and ensures your safety. This mountain bike is also easy to handle and provides you the best experience of riding.

Cyrusher XF650 Electric Mountain Bike

Cyrusher XF650 Electric Mountain Bike is a third-best fat tire e-bike that contains fat tires of 26*4-inch. The powerful motor of 1000W is used in it and it also has 7 different speed modes so you change the speed of bike according to your need or desire. The lithium battery of 48V and 13 Ah is powered in it. The motor and battery are best in their action provides high-speed riding.

Best Fat Tire Electric Bike


This electric bike is made by using fat tires and provides the best friction strength on the surface of the road. The riding of this bike is more stable and enables you to ride on different conditions of the road. It ensures that you always enjoy your riding wherever you go. The best top-speed is delivered by this electric mountain bike so that anyone can easily climb the hill with fastly and safely.

Product description:

This electric bike is manufactured using the best safe-materials. The frame of this mountain bike is made from aluminum alloy and 180 mm rotor. It has different speeds of riding and also brake is easily and immediately applied. The motor of 1000V is combined with the best battery that gives power to an electric bike and provides you the best experience of riding.


This electric mountain bike is a 7-speed system that will take you where you want to go. It utilizes the best braking system so you easily apply brakes when you require stopping this electric bike. The purpose of a powerful motor is that you ride with better speeds and fat tires have strengthened the frictions so you ride on a mountain with no fear. The battery used in it is rechargeable very easily.

This electric mountain bike is a little heavy in its weight. But it has a strong grip and increases friction so to climb the mountain easily and full of safety and you will surely enjoy your riding.


  • Cyrusher XF650 Electric Mountain Bike is made by using safe-materials. It is CE certified electric bike and uses only anti-exposure safety material.
  • It is a fat-tire bike that contains 26*4-inch fat-tire and it increases the friction of the road surface. It makes your riding more stable and suitable for all road conditions.
  • This electric bike has the ability to drive fastly and also brake easily and instantly. It has a 7-speed system that you can change the riding speed.
  • The excellent battery of 48V 13Ah works with a powerful motor of 1000W and provides fast riding speed.
  • This electric mountain bike comes with a warranty of 365 days on motor and frame and 6-months warranty on battery. It comes with 95% pre-assembled.
  • Eye-catching design
  • An adjustable handlebar
  • Sturdy materials
  • Dual front and rear disc brakes
  • Powerful motor
  • Little heavy in its weight

Cyrusher XF650 Electric Mountain Bike is the best eye-catching design of the electric bike model. The handlebar is adjustable and sturdy materials are used in its composition. The dual front and rear disc brakes are best in their action and ensures your safety when sudden brakes are required.

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike is the fourth-best fat tire electric bike that has also feature of folding and make easier for you to easily carry it. The lithium battery is of 36V 12Ah and removable and battery can be charged inside or outside of the bike. This electric bike is of 20-inches and contains the best powerful motor of 500W and ride on the mountain very comfortably and fast in speed.

Best Fat Tire Electric Bike


This electric bike reduces your traveling time with its fast speed. It solves your problem of traffic jams and you travel without carbon and create air pollution. It is best for go to outing and also travel is a sport that refreshes your mind. It has a 6KM constant speed cruise. The maximum speed of this electric bike is 20 miles per hour and the best distance covered by it is 18-23 miles with a single charge of the battery.

Product description:

This electric bike is made with a brushless gear motor of 500W. The tires are 20-inches and have quality of anti-skidding. The inner tube is 20×4.0/4.9. The lithium battery is of 36V/12Ah and removable so the battery is easily charged and you can carry it with your home or office for its charging. The center distance of two wheels is 1185mm and the total length of the bike is 1768mm.


This electric bike has a 7-speed system and has a mode of pedal assist and walk-assist. It provides great security for your trip by its braking system. The frame is made of aluminum alloy and ensures its durability. It covers a long-range with fast speed. Its folding frame helps for easy to carry this electric bike and saves your space.

This downside of this electric bike is that it has no rear light and hence the difficulty of riding at night and also the battery requires a long time to fully charge it.


  • ECOTRIC Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike has a strong driving force with its 500W motor and using a lithium battery.
  • The weight of the bike is 51.15LB and has a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. It comes with two models of riding.
  • The size of the tire is 20 * 4.0” and suitable to ride for all-terrain and has quality of anti-skidding.
  • The frame is composed of aluminum and this electric bike contains front and rear disc brakes for your complete safety.
  • It is a throttle type bike and has variable speed control and you easily adjust its speed according to your need or mood.
  • To keep the battery of this electric bike alive, it should be regularly charged.

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike has the best fat tires that have features of anti-skidding. The powerful gear motor works with a lithium battery that provides a fast speed of riding. It is very easy to carry with its folding frame. It has variable speed control and you easily change its speed.

NAKTO Electric Bike

NAKTO Electric Bike is the fifth-best fat tire electric bike of 26-inches. It is powered with 300W of brushless gear motor and has 6 different speeds and best gear speed. The 36V 10A lithium battery is waterproof and removable and charger is also provided by this electric bike. The LCD display helps in controlling its different functions. The top speed is 30 MPH and it travels up to 35-45 miles.


The best top-speed of this electric bike is about 20 miles/hour. When the battery is fully charged, it covers the distance of 18-23 miles with the best speed. It used high-quality aluminum alloy and 8 processes of paints. It performs amazingly and has a double-disc brake system that is best for effectively and smoothly stops the brakes. The tires are wider and thicker and great for effective shock absorption.

Product Description:

This electric bike is designed with a brushless motor of 36V and 250W. The output power is a 10% increase and contains a detachable seal battery of 36V 10 Ah. The battery charging time is about4-6 hours and uses a charging current of 2.0A. The battery life of this electric bike is 500-650 Cycles. The electric power display indicates the battery like it is full, half, and empty. The frame of this electric bike is made of carbon steel metal and aluminum alloy hub.


The rear gears are made of high-quality Shimano 6-speed-gears. The braking system consists of front V brake and rear expansion brake. It also has a high-strength Al alloy brake lever. This electric bike saves 70% energy during riding and contains a feature of the throttle. It has different variable speed control and its speed is easily controlled by the rider. The speed is easily increased or decreased.

The only little problem is that when riding in sand. The tires went flat from stickers and mixed in the sand but overall the bike is suitable for all other surfaces.


  • NAKTO Electric Bike is made by using high-strength of aluminum alloy frame and high-strength carbon steel is used in the front fork.
  • The LCD display shows its various functions. It displays the speed of bike and battery time. The powerful bright light is easily adjusted up and down and make you night traveling safer.
  • It is powered with lithium batteries and a high-speed motor. The battery is charged only in 4 hours. It covers a long distance of riding.
  • This electric bike contains three working modes and you choose according to your need or desire.
  • It provides an online service and gives a 1-year warranty.
  • High-quality material
  • LCD display
  • High-speed motor
  • Three working modes
  • On-line service and 1-year warranty
  • Problem when riding in sand

NAKTO Electric Bike is the best in its various features and functions that no other electric bikes have. It has an LCD display which indicates the various operations of this electric bike. The high-speed motor has three working modes and you easily change the speed of this electric bike. The smooth ride is provided by this bike.

BRIGHT GG electric bike

BRIGHT GG electric bike is the sixth-best fat tire electric bike that contains a lithium battery. The lithium battery is removable and of 36V, 10Ah, or 48V, 12Ah. The battery is easily charged inside or outside the bike. This electric bike contains a lock and a charger. It reaches a top speed of 35 miles per hour and covers the range of 45-55 miles by a single charge of the battery.

Best Fat Tire Electric Bike


This electric bike is a perfect choice for traveling, daily commutes, or for trips. It used high-quality material and an ultra-durable aluminum frame that ensures its performance. It is lightweight and easily carries with you anywhere. It rides with more speed and covers a long distance by a single charge of the battery. It is outstanding in its performance.

Product description:

The frame of this electric bike is made from ultra-durable aluminum and of 26-inches. It is a lightweight electric bike and has the ability of not to rust easily. The frame is larger and stronger that helps to carry heavyweight. This bike comes with 95% of the assembly. It reduces your daily commute worries and you ride with full fun and also fast in speed. The tires are 26-inch and made with the best quality material that provides great grip and comfortability during riding.


It contains powerful features with its 500W brushless motor. It is a faster electric bike and ride with more fast speed. The LED display shows the battery, display, and six-speed shifting that makes it easier to ride and you enjoy your ride. The battery is 48V and 12Ah and ensures the long-term use of battery and provides you power and best experience of riding.

It is a little difficult to adjust the height of the seat and clamp. The clamp doesn’t hold very well and the seat is also a little uncomfortable. But, overall the product is amazing in its performance and features.


  • BRIGHT GG electric bike is made with high-quality materials. The high-strength carbon steel is used in the frame and in the front fork.
  • The frame is larger and stronger and built with high quality for comfort shock absorption and helps to carry more weight.
  • It has a high-speed system that contains a powerful motor of 500W with a lithium battery of 48V 12Ah.
  • This electric bike is a perfect design and never makes you tired during riding. It has bright headlights that ensure your safety at night.
  • It offers 3 modes of operation and you have to choose and select which mode you want.
  • It provides a warranty service of 1-year so you ride confidently without any fear.
  • Best Frame style
  • Durable tire
  • 500W Motor
  • LED Display
  • 48V 12A Lithium Battery
  • Difficult to adjust seat and clamp

BRIGHT GG electric bike is the best frame style electric bike. It is an eye-catching bike that attracts riders. The fat tires are durable that ensures the stability and durability of this electric bike. The powerful motor with lithium battery is placed in it and it rides with fast speed. It is amazing in its characteristics and gives you the best experience of riding.


Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bike is the top best bike that contains fat tires among all other bikes. It is 17-inches mountain bike and its frame is manufactured with high-tensile steel. It used 7 different speeds and rider can easily change the speed of the bike. The wheels are wide and large and of 26-inches and ensures a strong grip and durability and provides comfortable riding. It is a lightweight mountain bike yet stable and durable. It contains dual-disc brakes that instantly engage the brake when you applied the brake and ensures your safety while riding. Its fat tires made every ride easy and smoothly even on the rough surface also.

How To Choose A Best Fat Tire Electric Bike

What is a fat bike electric bike? Although many are tempted to reply that it is an electric bicycle with wide wheels, a fat bike is much more than that simplistic definition. In this article you will find a  quick guide  with the fundamental criteria that you should evaluate before buying your electric fat bike.

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There are so many differences in the technical characteristics between the different electric bicycle models that it is often difficult to choose the correct electric bicycle that best suits our needs.

Fat Bike Vs Mtb

Fat Bikes are electric bikes designed to  cover difficult terrain  (snow, mud, sand and / or loose rocks)  impossible to ride with any other type of electric bike,  even with electric mtb bikes.

Electric fat bikes are characterized by  wide wheels , which provide great traction and cushioning. These wheels help maintain stability on these difficult terrain types in exchange for being somewhat more difficult to maneuver due to their width.

In  aesthetics they are similar to an electric mountain bike , although the main differences are:

  • Its rims are wide and combined with low wheel pressure offer very good grip and good cushioning.
  • They have a wider fork due to the larger wheels.
  • They have a straight handlebar that allows you to go more upright and therefore have a better view of the obstacles on the road.
  • They have wide speed ranges, with lower ratios, allowing you to travel through any type of terrain, especially those where we find rocks or loose trunks.

For all these characteristics, electric fat bikes are the ideal option for those who like to  explore unconventional roads with their electric bicycle . If you like hiking in the countryside without being limited, buying an electric fat bike will open the door to all kinds of trails and terrain, even being able to travel on sand or snow thanks to its wide tires.

Engine Power

The actual power of an electric bicycle is determined by the type of motor it has installed and this will directly affect not only the maximum speed that the electric e-bike can reach, but also the acceleration.

When we talk about the engine we find basically two types:

➡ The  brushless motor , which is the most common in cheap electric bicycles.

➡  The brushless or brushless  motor , more expensive than the previous one but in contrast offers us more power, less consumption and longer duration, since having no brushes does not generate friction and therefore less wear is generated. 

Therefore, two electric bicycles with the same watts of power can reach different maximum speeds depending on whether the motor is brushless (more speed) or brushless (less speed).


When we talk about the autonomy of an electric bicycle, we refer to the  number of kilometers that we can travel with it  until we run out of battery. 

Most manufacturers in their data sheet show data on the autonomy of their electric bikes but you should bear in mind that the information that each manufacturer offers on the autonomy of e-bikes are for  very specific conditions .

These conditions are usually the following:

  • Flat land
  • No wind
  • Driver weight approximately 70 kg
  • Paved and potholed soil
  • Driven at medium speed 

This autonomy will also be affected by the  pedaling assistance mode we select.

So if you weigh more than 70 kg, your road has slopes, uneven ground with bumps or you like to go to the maximum speed limit using the highest level of assistance from your electric bike, we recommend that you always choose an electric bike that has more autonomy than a priori you need so you do not run out of battery halfway. 

As a general rule, keep in mind that lithium batteries give us more autonomy and weigh less.

Attendance Levels

In order for a bicycle with an electric motor to be considered for legal purposes, an e-bike must have  pedaling assisted  by an auxiliary electric motor, that is, the motor only begins to provide assistance once the cyclist has started pedaling and the same it must  gradually decrease and finally stop  before the vehicle speed  reaches 25 km / h  or if the cyclist stops pedaling. 

Therefore, if your bicycle reaches you, it assists you after 25 km / h or it begins to increase speed through an accelerator without the need for you to pedal, you should know that for legal purposes these e bikes are not governed by the same rules that a conventional bike and cannot be used on public roads. 

The  pedaling assistance system  has many advantages since if you are used to riding a traditional bicycle, this gives you a  more intuitive feeling  than the accelerator mode and allows you to extend the autonomy of the battery, since the electric motor does not have to do all the work. work but you have to pedal too.

Many electric bicycles with pedaling assistance have  different levels of assistance , some reaching up to 6 different levels. Depending on the level chosen, the electric motor will provide a certain help when pedaling, so if for example your bicycle has 3 riding modes.

Normal Mode

  • Without electric assistance

Eco mode

  • Moderate attendance
  • Low battery consumption
  • Great autonomy

Balanced Mode

  • Balance between motor assistance and pedaling force

Electric Mode

  • Maximum power
  • Assists up to 25 km / h
  • More battery drain
  • Less autonomy

In the market there are  different types of mechanisms to assist pedaling,  these being the most common in the majority of electric e-bikes that are sold:

Systems With Effort Sensor

These measure the amount of energy / force you exert on the pedals and based on it the motor will increase or decrease the assistance. In general, this system provides a very intuitive and comfortable ride since you can keep the pedaling cadence constant. The effort sensor system is only available on high-end electric bikes.

Cadence Sensor Systems

The most common will only provide assistance when the cranks of the electric bicycle rotate. With this assistance system, the electric motor will only provide you with the thrust determined by the level of assistance that you have previously chosen and this does not depend on the energy you use when pedaling.

Break System

The braking system is an important characteristic in electric bicycles since thanks to its electric motor we can reach great speeds. That is why  choosing a good braking system  for our e bike will give us more confidence and safety when driving, especially in the most demanding modalities such as mountain bikes.

There Are Different Types Of Braking Systems For Electric Bicycles:

Frenos V-Brake

This type of brake is common in the  most economical electric bikes  since they are simple and light mechanical brakes. They are efficient brakes, however, you must take into account that a poorly adjusted shoe can damage the cover and that this braking system is affected by the presence of water, mud, etc. It also has a slower response, wears out faster, and can become overheated if used to control speed on a slope.

Disc Brakes

It is a more advanced braking system than the previous one since the caliper applies force to a rotor, which is connected to the wheel hub of the electric bicycle, creating friction between this rotor and the pad until the wheel stops full. The brake discs can be  mechanical or hydraulic , the latter more difficult to adjust but with less maintenance.

They generally  respond better than V-brakes,  especially in rainy conditions, but are more expensive.