Best Travel Potty Seat For Toddlers

One of the most difficult times in a child’s development is removing the diaper. For the child to learn to pee in the toilet is a complicated task that requires time, dedication and, above all, choosing the right moment with all the resources at hand.

Children grow rapidly and already at the age of about 18 months they feel the need to start slowly gaining their independence. That is why children begin to emulate their parents in many things, especially the use of the potty.

Then a growth path begins that involves trying to remove the diaper. The thing should not be sudden but gradual, leaving time for the little one to experiment with what it means to be without him, that is, leaving him only during naps, at night and perhaps during outings.

Even to choose a potty you have to do a master. Well, at least that’s what happened to me. They gave us a long time ago a potty, from the, shaped like a car, very cute, the little one loved it even though at that time he didn’t even know what it was, but since it had wheels and it was a car, he would think it was a toy more to play with.
So you know which one I’m talking about, it’s this:

In this list we have summarized what we think are the most interesting products from the category toilet seats for children . This comparison lists toilet seats for children in three personally compiled top lists . Immediately afterwards you will find the most popular toilet seats for children that are among the best sellers on Amazon .

Then you will find other toilet seats for children that have recently been added to the Amazon product range . Finally, we show you even more products from this category that are often requested or given at Amazon. These suggestions for children’s toilet seats can help you make a quicker and easier decision to buy a children’s toilet seat.

Best Travel Potty Seat For Toddlers 2020

Image Product Details   Price
Best Travel Potty Seat For Toddlers Gimars Upgrade Stable Folding Travel Portable Potty Reusable with Carry Bag Check Price
Best Travel Potty Seat For Toddlers OXO Tot 2-in-1 Potty for Travel – Gray Check Price
Best Travel Potty Seat For Toddlers Veejoda Potty Training Toilet Seat Portable for Travel, Toddlers and Kids Check Price
Best Travel Potty Seat For Toddlers Potty Training Seat with Handles Portable for Travel Check Price
Best Travel Potty Seat For Toddlers Veejoda Potty Training Toilet Seat With magic disappearing ink, disposable, moisture absorbing pad Check Price

Gimars Folding Travel Portable Potty

If your kid is three years old and now you want to train your baby about how to use the toilet then this Gimars Foldable Potty Seat is the best product for you. It is very easy to use and made of good quality. There is no danger of any kind of harm to your child.

Best Travel Potty Seat For Toddlers


This portable toilet is very easy to pick up for kids. It has the ability of fold and unfolds and best for take care of your child. It enhanced the joint tightness. It covers the sitting level on the toilet and never be unfold on its own. So it is very secure and stable to use.


This portable toilet training seat is composed of polypropylene which is very safe material and acceptable by your little kid who is about three years old. Toilet seat easily switch fold to unfold design. When toilet seat cover folds its size is smaller and approximately 7”L x 6” W x 2” H and when the toilet seat is unfolded its size is maximum 13.5”L x 11 ”W x 1”H. So train your baby every day by using it.


It is very easy to use and also easy to clean. It cleans with just a simple wipe with a wet cloth or also flushes it with water. It is improving childcare and cleanliness. It is helpful as it does not directly contact with public toilets. After cleaning the Gimars Foldable Potty Seat, you can put it into a waterproof zipper bag.

This can be best to use at home as well as for travel use. This child portable seat comes with one waterproof zipper bag and one string bag to hang on the stroller.

If the potty seat not place right on the toilet then it is unstable. So when you place it keep checking its position and stability.


  • It is made up of plastic.
  • It is nonslip pads made of silicone that is non-slip. Other suppliers supply 2 pcs and without caring if your child slip but this folding portable potty training seats increasing 6 pcs and non-slip for a child.
  • It designs in such a way that there is no gap of pinches bottom. It is best for babies that learn how to use the toilet and develop confidence in them.
  • It is changed into Foldable to Unfoldable Design. It is very easy to carry in other’s bathroom.
  • It is very unique in its design. It is in a bright color. This product has a plastic zip and waterproof storage bag.
  • The toilet training ring is best for a child whose age is three years.
  • It is easy to clean with water.
  • If you have any problem, our service is always ready to help you within a short time so you can buy it with full confidence.
Our Verdict
Foldable Potty Seat is very easy to carry. It is great using in-home as well as in travel. It never slips and keeps your child safe. It is also very easy to clean. If you have any problem then contact customer service and they help you within days.

OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty for Travel

OXO tot 2-in-1 go potty for travel is to help you with travel if your child is 1 year old. It is easily folded and carry to public washrooms. So if you have an issue with your child’s toilet then this product is a great solution for you. This product is in a gray color. For training your child, this potty training is very essential.


It performs very well in public places. When it is easily folded, you do not need to take tension if it opens easily or not. It is very useful to use in public washrooms. It has a travel bag in which you put this and go outside. For the purpose of cleaning, the plastic bag covers the entire seat. After using it, prepare a new bag so when you need to use it, it is ready to go.


This potty seat is made for traveling with a baby. It is designed in such a way that its legs fold and take less space. It uses great in-home as well as public toilets. Never feel hesitant to use it; it is best for use in all circumstances.


This potty seat is made of good quality. It is very secure and safe for the child. When it is manufactured, it first considers the caring of a child so the child will never be harm by using it. It is easily fixed on your toilet as well as on a public toilet. You never be disappointed by using it.

If you will not place it on your toilet carefully, then there will be a gap between potty and toilet. You have to place it carefully for your child safety.


  • OXO Tot on the Go Potty is very imported.
  • It opens easily and quickly in an emergency for on-the-go potty.
  • The legs of this product folds and take less space for compact storage in cars. Also easy to carry in strollers or diaper bags.
  • The legs lock itself securely for use on public toilets.
  • It is soft and has flexible flaps that hold disposable bags and remain secure in that place. This small-sized seat is perfectly suitable for a little child.
  • The age limit of using this potty seat is about 12 months and above. Also, this product has additional refill bags that are easily available.
  • Train your child
  • Leave the house without worry
  • Secure and safe
  • Easily fold and carry
  • Safely use in public toilets
  • Place it on your toilet carefully

Our Verdict
This OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go potty seat for travel is best in two ways. If you use it in your house it is best and if you use it outside the home or use it during travel you clearly see how easy to use it for your child. It trains your child so the child learns how to use the toilet. The child uses the toilet without any fear and with more confidence. You leave the house without any worry and it is very easy to carry it during travel. It is easily folded and takes less space. It is also secure and safe for your child and never harms your child. You can be very easily used in public washrooms.

Veejoda Potty Training Toilet Seat with Handles

This potty training toilet seat is best in its feature that it has handles on its sides. These handles are soft grip. We ensure the safety of the child. So, when your child holds on this potty toilet seat with these handles they feel very safe and secure and use this potty training toilet seat with more confidence.


It performs very great. It is best for a child’s learning about the use of the toilet. It is suitable for both girls and boys. It is so light in weight that easily put on the toilet and after using easily removed. The child uses it with happy faces. They feel safe when they hold the handles of this potty seat.


The manufacturers of this potty seat design it in such a way that it fits with all toilets. But when you buy our potty seat you have to measure the whole space of your toilet before purchasing. We tell you about the complete dimensions of our potty seat. Its dimensions are 10” length x 8” widths – and 2” of space on the toilet seat between the rear.  

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The potty seat has slip-resistant handles for the safety of a child and slip resistance rubber edges keep the potty seat in its place. This product is ideal for boys training about how to use the toilet. Side handles make it easier to put on the toilet and remove from the toilet. It is also very simpler to clean it. Simply, wipe rinse the potty seat with water.

Sometimes unfit to the toilet. You have to take the correct measurement of your toilet.


This toilet training seat has handles that are soft grip. The purpose of handles is for extra security of your child and provides the best support to your child when they sit on the toilet.

It has the ability of fits almost all toilets. It is present in standard size so it fits with all different kinds of toilets.

This potty seat has rubber edges for slip-resistant so your child is never slipping. The shape of this potty seat is made in such a way so that child feels very comfortable when sitting on the toilet.

This product is found in white and gray colors for a modern finish.

It designed in splash guard so as to stop urine from overturning from the toilet.

Moreover, the benefit of side handles is to make it easier to put this potty seat on the toilet and then easily take off from the toilet.

And clean the potty seat without any difficulty because of its lightweight.

  • Training of child
  • Affordable
  • Side handles
  • Secure and safe
  • Lightweight
  • Slip resistance rubber edges
  • Unfit to inappropriate measurement of toilet
Our Verdict
This potty training seat with handles is the best product for your child. This is an affordable product and ensures the security of the child. Its side handles and slip resistance rubber edges are for the safety of the child so that child will never harm by using it. It is also light in weight. You easily carry and use it. This potty seat fits your toilet easily but with the correct measurement.

Potty Training Seat 

If you want that your baby grows up healthy and happy then you should use this potty seat. Veejoda Potty Training Toilet Seat is made of very good quality. It is a very smooth surface so that it can be easily cleaned. It is completely secure for your child and child use it very happily.

Best Travel Potty Seat For Toddlers


Our Potty seat can be easily fit to all toilets. It is so easy to fix this potty seat to your child so that they do it by themselves. This potty seat is best among all others in the market. It can increase your child’s learning. It can boost their confidence. This potty seat performs very well in all aspects.


The main feature in this potty seat is that it has handles on both sides. The purpose of these handles is that your child holds on and feels very safe and secure. These are made of rubber so no to harm for your child. This design is based on an ergonomic design that gives confidence to your child. It eliminates the fear of a child from falling. It is very lightweight and easy for a child to install and remove it.


It is a splash guard so it stops urine from spilling out of the toilet. In this way it is best that keeps your bathroom cleaned. This product is made with the highest possible quality. It is our goal to meet your expectations and provide you the best quality product.

Sometimes, it little bit move from the toilet. But not create any damage.


  • Veejoda Potty Training Toilet Seat is made of non-toxic material and also with odorless material. It has not any kind of smell.
  • It is durable and high quality is used in its manufacturing. It is secure for babies to use.
  • For a child’s care, it is very lightweight and also easy to use. Children can easily use the potty seat. It is very light in weight so your child can place it on the toilet by himself. And when your child is done, the child can place the potty seat back on the hook.
  • Veejoda Potty Training Toilet Seat has non-slip strips that are made of rubber so the seat will not move and your child feels secure. This potty seat is best for 1-7 years old child whether a girl or boy.
  • It is a splash guard so it keeps your bathroom clean.
  • Portable travel-sized potty seat
  • Secure for your child
  • Lightweight
  • Potty seat with handles
  • Build baby confidence
  • Best in market
  • Little bit move.if not handle with care
Our Verdict
Potty Training Toilet Seat is a portable travel-sized. You can easily carry it with you. It is very light weighted and you chid place it on the toilet by him. It has handles so your child has no fear and uses it very confidently. It increases the confidence in the baby and this potty seat is best in the market. Besides all this, it is also very easy to clean because of its smoother surface.

Kalencom Potette Plus Potty Seat Liners

This potty seat has both reusable liners and disposable liners. So it makes you easier if you want to go out with your child and carry this potty seat. It is best in its features. It is easier and helpful both in the home’s toilet and public toilet. Your child feels very comfortable when using this product. This is specially made for the caring of the child.


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This potty seat comes with an exclusive bundle that consists of 2 in 1 Potette Plus Potty. It includes a reusable liner and also three disposable liners. When using this potty seat at home it is an easy process of empty this and clean it easily. It ensures its good performance and when you will use this product you will surely satisfy with it.


This potty seat has also one additional feature of potty training timer. This timer is for the training of your kid and reminds your kid when it’s time to go to the toilet. It is also available in night light. This potty seat is also designed to convert into a travel potty seat and very easily convert it.


New Kalencom Potette Potty Liners are made with disappearing ink so to increase the confidence in your child to use the toilet. It is very super absorbent liners and absorb the liquid very well. It is leak-proof and no worries about its leakage. It also absorbs odors. It is used in both the home and outside the home.

Sometimes, not quickly set up potty but you do not panic and did it with calm nature.


  • Kalencom Potette Potty Liners have quality disappearing ink. Its motive is to motivate your child when using this potty seat liner.
  • You will easily leave it in your car. It has disposable liners which are super absorbent. And you will use it throughout the entire summer and winter.
  • It is much like a diaper. It is leak-proof and you have to not worry about its leakage. It stores up to five ounces of liquid. It is very easy to use and when it times to remove it, it removes like a diaper.
  • These disposable liners have also the ability to absorb unpleasant smells.
  • Our potties are best to use at home as well as outside. When potty seat use at home, it is used with the reusable liners and when used outside the home it is used with disposable liners.
  • Reusable liner and Disposable Liners
  • Safe for child and enhance confidence in the child
  • Absorb liquid and odors
  • Easy to clean
  • If you are in hurry not quickly set up
Our Verdict
Potette Potty Liners is best to use at home and outside the home. It is made for both purposes. So when you use it at home, you clean it easily. And when you use it during travel you use disposable liners which are easy to remove. Disappearing ink is present in these potty liners so the confidence of the child increases and it motivates them to continue using the toilet. It absorbs all liquid and does not create a mess in your toilet.

Best Travel Potty Seat For Toddlers Buyer Guide 2020

Hygiene Of The Toilet Seat

Hygiene should, of course, come first in the “big” and “small” business. The potty should be shaped so that it can be cleaned easily and completely. A good variant are potties in which a removable pot is integrated – cleaning is even easier. Ideally, the potty is built by high side walls or a splash guard so that small splashes are caught.

Design Of The Potty

In this very sensitive area, an appealing design and the right color are more important than many other things that you care for your child. Only when the potty appeals to your child visually will it be used with pleasure. Ideally, involve your child in the selection of the potty.

Comfort For The Child

Ergonomically, the potty should be shaped in such a way that there is enough legroom for easy sitting down and getting up; there are also optional potties that can even be adjusted in height. Ideally, a backrest is also integrated, which makes sitting more comfortable. After all, going to the potty shouldn’t be punishment, but pleasant.

Timely Change To The Real Toilet

If your child signals that it is ready to switch to the “real” toilet, this request should also be given promptly. Even if that means that your child needs a little help during the first attempts – the step to be able to use the “real” toilet will give your child a lot of self-confidence.

By the way: We cannot prove scientifically that boys sometimes take a little longer than girls to change from a potty to a “real” toilet – but our own experience shows exactly that. So: No stress if the junior takes a little longer to get excited about the toilet. By the way, it can also be motivating for boys to be able to do the “small” business with a urinal.