Watersports to Try in Dubai For a Fun-Filled Vacation

Harry Oliver


Dubai, the thriving metropolis of the United Arab Emirates is known for its luxurious lifestyle and breathtaking architecture. It also offers endless adventure opportunities. Dubai, although often associated with an arid environment, also boasts a stunning coastline on the Arabian Gulf that offers thrilling watersports to people of all ages. If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, try these exhilarating Dubai watersports.

Best Watersports in Dubai: A roundup

Jet Skiing

Jet Skis combine the thrill of the open sea with the pure power of mechanical prowess. Jet skiing is one of the best water sports in the city. Jet ski operators offer a wide range of experiences. The Burj Al Arab is a great place to take photos for your adventure tale.

Average cost: Rs. 7,000 per 30 minutes, Rs. 14,000 per 60 minutes and Rs. 20,000 for two hours.

Speed Boating

A speedboat in Dubai is an excellent way for your entire family to enjoy adventure water sports. Speedboats are one of the most popular activities on Dubai Jumeirah Beach. They take you around the beachfront of Dubai. Speedboating is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by up to four members of your family. It’s a great way to share a unique experience. This tour takes you to some of the most iconic landmarks in the city and provides excellent photo opportunities.

Average cost: Rs. 3,300 per 30 minutes, and Rs. 6,600 per 60 minutes.

Fly Fishing

Flyfish is one the most popular water sports in Dubai. Speedboats are guiding huge airborne inflatables just off the JBR coast. The E-shaped inflatable can be attached to by up to two people. It is an incredible experience to feel the wind in your face while gliding by the Dubai skyline on a safe inflatable. This is one of the cheapest water activities that doesn’t compromise on adventure.

Average Cost: Rs 3,800 for 15 Minutes


You will feel like you have superpowers when you do this water sport! Flyboard Dubai, an amazing water activity, consists of standing atop a jetpack that has a powerful engine that propels you to the skies. In a matter of minutes, an instructor will help you to understand the mechanics. You can pretend to be a superhero trying to save the planet, with the beautiful views of Dubai in the background.

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Average cost: Rs 7,200 for 30 min

Swim with Dolphins

Dubai Dolphinarium, one of Dubai’s thrilling entertainment venues where you can see dolphins and seals perform amazing feats. It is located in Dubai Creek Park and houses bottlenose dolphins as well as twenty exotic parrots. The ‘Swim with Dolphins’ program allows you to swim with dolphins. It is not an adrenaline-rush Dubai water activity, but it is still a wonderful experience for both children and adults.

Average cost: INR 950


You can fly through the air while remaining connected to the water. Parasailing is a great water sport in Dubai. Parasailing and paragliding are two activities you simply cannot miss in Dubai. Parasailing is a parachute that’s guided by a boat. It rises quickly and floats high in the sky, giving you a panoramic view of Dubai. You may feel an adrenaline rush as the parachute leaves water’s surface. Once in the air you will feel just like an eagle flying through the skies.

Average cost: 9000 INR


Is this a shark, or is it an adventure vehicle? The Seabreacher is a two-seater plane with a distinctive fuselage that resembles the metallic shark. The adventure pod takes you on a thrilling ride of 55 miles per hours on the surface of the water before diving to a five-foot depth. It can also fly up to 18ft in the air. This is one of Dubai’s unique water sports. Only the brave can enjoy this water sport!

Average cost: Rs 9,600 per 15 minutes, and Rs 15,400 for 30.


Dubai Marina is home to many kitesurfers who use waterboards and parachutes to carry them above the waves. The wave board will allow you to feel the full force of wind and utilize it. Kitesurfing can be learned with little instruction. Kite Zone is the only Tandem Kitesurfing for Children.

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Average cost: Rs 4,800

Scuba Diving Dubai

Atlantis The Palm, one of Dubai’s finest hotels, offers the most incredible aquatic experience in Dubai. The aquarium has over 65,000 marine creatures, including sharks, mantas, and other fish. The aquarium is the largest in the world, and it is beautifully themed to provide a once-in a lifetime experience. Diverse scuba diving package options are available to suit novices, experts and non-swimmers. A unique and exclusive experience is swimming alongside the graceful Manta Ray and standing amongst a sea of colorful fish.

Average cost: Rs. 5,300

Water Skiing

If you only had time to do one water activity, then we recommend water skiing. Water skiing is one of the best JBR water sports. Water skis are powerful vehicles that fly across the surface of the water, giving a thrilling experience. Water skiing, like skiing on snow is a sport that emphasizes speed. It’s one of the best water activities for speed lovers in Dubai. The speedboat towing the skiboard determines the board’s speed.

Average cost: Rs 8,100


Wakeboarding is a great alternative to water skiing. Wakeboarding is similar to skateboarding, in that it uses a motorboat to propel the board. The maneuvering is more exciting with wakeboarding than water skiing. Wakeboarding is one of the best watersports to do in Dubai. It allows you to perform stunts, acrobatics, and other tricks.

Average cost: Rs 5,800


Windsurfing is a popular sport in Dubai. This is a fun recreational activity that can be enjoyed at Jumeirah beach. It is a thrilling water sport that combines sailing and surfing.

Average cost: Rs 5,000

FAQs about adventure:

1. What watersports activities are available in Dubai for adults and children?

Many watersports are suitable for beginners in Dubai. They also have expert instructors to guide you. You can choose from a variety of options, regardless of your skill level. Beginner-friendly training is always recommended. You can then progress as you gain confidence and skills.

2. What are the safety precautions for these watersports that I should be aware of?

Dubai is dedicated to protecting adventurers and all watersport operators follow strict safety regulations. All equipment used is regularly inspected and maintained. Instructors provide instructions and safety briefings before each activity. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, life jackets and essential safety equipment is provided. It is important to pay attention to the instructions of instructors and follow all safety guidelines.

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3. What is the best season to enjoy watersports in Dubai

Dubai is known for its hot weather, especially during the summer. Watersports are best enjoyed between October and April, when temperatures are at their most favorable. Watersports are possible without experiencing extreme temperatures during this period. It is important to consider the weather and any seasonal factors which may affect specific watersports.

4. Am I required to carry specific equipment?

All the equipment and apparatus is provided by most watersports and deep diving Dubai. Life vests are available, as well as helmets and harnesses. Paddles and other watersports-specific gear is also available. It is recommended that participants wear appropriate sun protection, such as sunscreen and hats, along with eyewear, eyewear, and swimwear. Participants may choose to bring their own personal equipment or wetsuits, but this is not mandatory as rental equipment is available.

5. Can non-swimmers take part in water sports?

Even if you’re not a good swimmer, there are still some water sports in Dubai that can be enjoyed. However, it is highly recommended to have a basic understanding of swimming for safety purposes. Jet skiing, parasailing and flyboarding require life vests, as well as close proximity to instructors who are focused on safety. It is a good idea, however, to let the instructors know your swimming ability so that they can provide you with the guidance and assistance needed.


Dubai offers a wide range of water sports and adventures. There is something for everyone. These watersports are perfect for adrenaline junkies and nature lovers alike. They will give you unforgettable experiences, as well as the chance to explore Dubai’s breathtaking coastline. Prepare yourself for an aquatic adventure of a lifetime and make lasting memories in this fascinating city.