Covid 19:Bicycles And Electric Scooters As An Alternative To The Metro And Bus

How is Coronavirus transmitted?

After months studying how the transmission of Covid-19 takes place and without a vaccine to prevent contagion, it becomes vital for the population to know how SARS COV-19 is transmitted to establish prevention measures and avoid contagions by coronavirus.

Covid-19 is an airborne virus, which is why they transmit through the drops that come out of the airways of the person carrying the virus when they cough, sneeze and even when they speak. These micro particles contain viral charges and can reach close people and / or deposit on surfaces in which they can remain for a few hours, as in the case of copper or cardboard, up to several days as on plastic, paper or stainless steel surfaces.

If someone touches that surface and then touches the face (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.), the virus can enter our organisms and be infected by corona virus. That is why the scientific community has reached a consensus that social distance and frequent hand washing are the most effective security measures, not only to prevent the spread of corona virus but also to overcome the Covid-19 crisis .

Bicycles And Electric Scooters As An Alternative To The Metro And Bus

With this information, it seems normal that people from the sectors that have joined the work activity have concerns about getting coronavirus not only at their workplace but also when traveling to them.

More and more people perceive public transportation as probably one of the main sources of massive coronavirus infection. In fact, according to a study by the American Office of Economic Research, the subway was the main focus of contagion for coronaviruses in New York.

The Subway: Focus Of Transmission Of The Coronavirus In New York

The study published in April 2020 by the Office of Economic Research reveals that the subway was the main focus of contagion of coronavirus in New York City, since it allegedly acted as a diffuser and perhaps the main transmission vehicle for the coronavirus infection since the study shows a “strong correlation” between the operation of the metro and the increase in infections in the city.

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As we have previously mentioned, the virus can remain on surfaces such as metals and plastics for several days and although the amount of viable virus decreases over time, there is currently no effective way to determine if these surfaces have a sufficient viral quantity to cause a infection.

The authorities are carrying out disinfection measures but we do not yet know the effectiveness of them, which is why many people are concerned about using public transport. We must also bear in mind that in this type of public transport (metro and bus) it is very difficult to maintain the safety distance between people, one of the most effective prevention measures.

Bicycles And Electric Scooters As An Alternative To The Metro And Bus

For all these reasons, more and more people see bicycle and electric scooters as an instrument to prevent the transmission of the corona virus, since it would allow urban travel without sacrificing the social safety distance, thus avoiding the transmission of the corona virus.
Bicycles and electric scooters as an alternative to the metro and bus

Although numerous experts and laboratories are working to develop an effective and safe coronavirus vaccine, it seems that it will take at least 18 months to become available, which is why it seems that we will have to learn to live with Covid 19 and adopt measures that allow us to carry out normal life safely in order to prevent the massive transmission of the coronavirus.

For all the reasons stated above, it is conceivable that the promotion of the bicycle or electric scooter as a method of collective transport would help to maintain social distance and could contribute to decongestant public transport in the progressive DE-escalation that arises.

In fact, in recent days the Minister for the Ecological Transition Teresa Ribera, has announced that they are working on measures that promote the use of the bicycle and other personal mobility vehicles (VMP) as the main means of transport to maintain social distance at the end confinement.

Conventional bicycle, electric bike or electric scooter?

This is the question that many people ask when choosing a safe means of transport during this coronavirus crisis , all have their advantages and disadvantages.

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Conventional bicycle

It is undoubtedly the cheapest option since we can find all kinds of bicycles from 150 Dollars. It requires almost no maintenance, they are light and have good durability.

For short trips in less hot cities it can be a great option, but if your work is far from your home or you reside in a city with high temperatures it may not be a good solution since you have a good chance of coming to work sweating.

Undoubtedly, the use of the conventional bicycle would present an important advantage over other methods of transport and has to do with exercise.

When we incubate the virus and begin to have symptoms (phase II), there is an increase in molecules (cytokines) which act as messengers in different tissues. This produces a picture of inflammation that can lead to damage at the pulmonary level and even at the renal level (phase III). That is why this severe phase is used as treatment immunosuppressive drugs to reduce cytokine storm and inflammation.

The people with obesity , and having a high body fat percentage have an important inflammation box base, so the symptoms are much worse, even in young, than in people with normal fat percentage.

When we exercise and we have healthy muscle tissue, cytokines that are beneficial (myokines) are released, which will even act on our adipose tissue (body fat) reducing the picture of inflammation and improving the symptoms.

For this reason, the use of the conventional bicycle is a good tool to include exercise in our day-to-day life and to maintain healthy and active muscle tissue that helps us to stop the virus symptoms in the event of being infected. Remember that a healthy and active lifestyle will always be the best prevention.

Electric bicycle

The electric bicycle is designed for those who want to continue enjoying the stability, comfort and maneuverability that a conventional bicycle provides and also have the assistance of an electric motor . These characteristics make it probably the best option for those looking for a means of transport to get to work, as this will provide you with the necessary help so that you do not arrive tired or sweating to it.

It is a great option for those who have to travel long distances in the city since they have more autonomy than an electric scooter. You must bear in mind that the motor will only assist you while pedaling so do not expect it to work like an electric motorcycle since accelerated bikes are prohibited in the European Union.

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The electric bike ride put special emphasis on comfort and therefore typically include suspension in the saddle, grips ergonomic gel saddle and handlebars adjustable to each type of driver, in order to ensure your journeys are as comfortable and relaxed possible.

We also found lighter and more compact folding electric bicycle models so that they can be easily loaded and transported by stairs and elevators. Its small size once folded also allows you to store it in small spaces such as rooms, floors and even offices.

Electric scooter

There are many differences between an electric scooter and an electric bicycle. They are a good option for those looking for a personal mobility vehicle (VMP) with an electric motor, inexpensive and with little storage—
With an electric scooter, unlike an electric bicycle, the propulsion is 100% electric so you don’t need to push the scooter with your foot to move just press the accelerator. They are quite light and there are more and more models on the market with better features and at very tight prices.

On the other hand they are not as stable as electric bikes, they absorb terrain irregularities worse due to their smaller wheels and they are not as manageable since turning at high speeds is not as easy and we need more distance to brake.

Bicycles And Electric Scooters As An Alternative To The Metro And Bus

If you have decided that the electric scooter is the best option for you but you are not clear on what type of electric scooter you are looking for, I advise you to go directly to read our specialized guides where you will find fully updated information on the Best Budget Electric Bike in relation to quality price on the market .