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For smokers within this group could be thinking, can I bring lighters on planes? It’s not difficult to conclude that you shouldn’t bring lighters on planes because fire can be dangerous however it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Be aware that smoking isn’t allowed on board, and it could put you in jail.

Can you also take lighters on planes?

The answer is yes. However, only certain kinds of lighters used in cigarettes are permitted in a plane and only under certain conditions.

There are a few differences between carrying lighters in carry-on bags and carrying a lighter in checked luggage. So be aware of the rules to ensure that your lighter is not taken away.

TSA Guidelines on Lighters

TSA allows passengers to bring the following kinds of lighters during a flight. But, there are certain restrictions or limitations apply for each of them since lighters are hazardous item that could cause harm to passengers.

  • Disposable as well as Zippo lighters.
  • Arc Lighters.
  • Plasma Lighters.
  • Electronic Lighters.
  • E-lighters.
  • Lithium Battery Lighters Powered by Lithium Batteries.
  • Torch Lighters.

A lighter is essential to carry on a plane for carry on

Cigarette lighters can be used to be carried on in carry-on bags as in the case they are non-refillable as well as Zippo types of lighters. They are still allowed to have gasoline in them too.

But, TSA is not able to accept lighters with arcs, plasmas electronic lighters, electronic lighters to be carried on in carry-on luggage.

They also won’t accept torch lighters, gun lights or any lighter that appears to be weapons. Use the standard disposables, such as Bic lighters as well as Zippo lighters.


Is a lighter one of the permitted items on planes?

As we mentioned before, yes, you can take your lighter with you on the plane However, there are a few things to think about.

1. Types

In accordance with the CAA according to the CAA, you are allowed to carry one small cigarette lighter with you on the plane.

The requirement is that your light needs to be able to absorb liquid fuel. The most common examples are propane-butane, propane, or natural gas. The only exception could be liquefied natural gas.

One of the most useful examples Some examples that are useful BIC and Clipper lighters. For Zippo enthusiasts, there’s no reason to be concerned because the fuel that Zippo makes use of is not just liquid gas, but it is it is also absorbable.

It is the TSA regulation is not without slight modifications to the regulations above:

  • Arc Lighters and E-Lighters permitted in a carry-on bag with special instructions
  • disposable and Zippo lighters without fuel: are permitted on-hold baggage. Fuel: permitted in carry-ons only.
  • Lighters for guns are strictly forbidden
  • A Lighter Fluid It is strictly prohibited
  • Torch Lighters are strictly forbidden.

2. HOW TO Take

While taking the lighter to an airplane is feasible, however, placing the lighter in your bag is not. It must be carried around your waist. In certain instances of security, it is possible to carry it in a carry-on liquid bag to be examined.

If there’s no liquid in the lighter, putting it inside hand baggage could be a possibility. But, it’s worth mentioning that the manner in which you view ” no liquid” could differ from that of security.

Be sure to check with the airline prior to boarding the plane in order to avoid having the confiscation of your lighter or liable to penalties.

It’s the same for airports in UK airport. You can carry a lighter into the cabin provided:

  • You are allowed to bring one lighter
  • The lighter should be kept close to your body
  • Do not put it in your carry-on baggage or carry-on luggage after the screening.

You are able to bring your lighter, but you must not smoke.

The people won’t be pleased with the smell of smoke coming from the cabin. Photo by charnsitr stock.adobe.com

Smokers You must be aware of this. The airlines industry doesn’t take responsibility for any errors. If you do, you’ll be penalized. In the worst case you could be arrested and taken off the plane.

The myth originates from the reality that the lavatories of many airplanes still contain the ashtrays. The ashtrays are for those who have the slyness to smoke in the privacy of their own homes without a trace.

Instead of throwing them in any random place they discover, placing them in an ashtray is far safer. Some aircrafts have smoke detectors inside the toilets.

Interesting fact Smoking in the air was once allowed prior to some tragic incidents.

For smokers who do not smoke, the good thing is that there’s no need to eliminate. The downside is that you’re not able to utilize your lighter to do any purpose. You can turn it on, spin it or perform some amazing tricks to impress those around you. However, it’s not an alternative.

Important: Double-check your lighter. Make sure that it is in good working order and is free of safety issues.


You are smitten with the desire for a speedy tab time. But you don’t want violate safety rules. What should you do if the desire is there? Here are some suggestions:

  • Keep Hydrated

It’s not about drinking sufficient water but rather drinking lots of it. Being full can make you feel compelled to eat less. However, it can be a hassle. It’s embarrassing even if you’re in a window and have to go to the bathroom each 15 minute. This brings us to the second point.

  • Snacking

Similar to the first tip eating a balanced diet is beneficial, particularly when you’re eating sweet snacks. Make sure you have snacks prior to entering the airport, and especially prior to boarding on the plane, if you don’t wish to blow more than half of your travel budget.

  • Distracting Yourself

It could be the perfect chance to finish the task you’ve been working on. Photo taken by Marten Bjork via Unsplash

Engaging yourself in activities that you like, like watching movies or reading books. We strongly recommend horror films to keep your mind off of the desire.

  • Be on the lookout for designated smoking Spaces

The majority of airlines have designated smoking areas or rooms for you to smoke a last puff before you take off. It can be difficult to manage the craving when the flight is long therefore, you should use these areas in case you are required.

  • Don’t Use A Vape Pen

In the everyday Vaping could be the best way to stop smokers from smoking. However, it’s the most dangerous to do it on an airplane. Although electronic cigarettes have the fuel in a liquid that is not absorbable the cigarette, they are prohibited.

Are Bic lighters permitted on planes?

Yes Bic lighters can be carried in hand luggage on planes. It’s the same with other types of lighters too.

Are Zippo lighters permitted on planes?

Yes, you can bring Zippo lighters to a flight in your hand luggage. Similar brands are allowed too.

Do you need to pack lighter fluid into your cabin baggage?

Lighter fluid cannot be used in carry-on luggage in any other quantity than that contained inside the lighter. This is due to the fact that it can pose the risk of fire.

If you require more than what’s included of lighters that are disposable and/or Zippo lighters, then you’ll need purchase more when you get to the destination.

Do you have the option of bringing your lighter when you travel?

It is also forbidden to take your lighter during your the air. You can keep it inside your pocket or in your bag. When you are on the move could create an fire risk or be interpreted as a sign of danger and therefore, don’t take it out.

A lighter is required when you travel in checked baggage

Because of the risk of fire It is not safe to carry lighters with you on flights with checked baggage, in the event that they don’t have fuel inside the container. Be aware that every drop counts, and even when you think the container is empty, security may be thinking differently.

If you want to carry a lighter in your luggage you can carry a maximum of two, however only if they are stored inside a DOT-approved lighter case.

As with your carry-on bag Arc lighters, plasma lighters and electronic ones gun lighters, e-lighters and torch lighters aren’t allowed inside checked luggage in any way.

So even if you’ve got an DOT certified case, those kinds of lighters aren’t permitted on planes.

Note: I’ve searched for DOT authorized lighters cases for sale on Amazon but haven’t found any. Therefore, no You can’t carry lighters into checked baggage.

Do you need to pack lighter fluid in your checked baggage?

Lighter fluids are not allowed to be carried in checked luggage in any amount. This is due to the fact that it could pose an fire risk.

Are you able to carry the Bic lighter in your checked luggage?

Technically, you can carry the Bic lighter into your checked baggage only if it’s 100% free of lighter fluid, and only inside a DOT approved lighter case.

It’s also nearly impossible to empty it completely and these cases are similar to finding the unicorn, it’s best to pack it in a your carry-on bag to ensure it won’t be taken away.

And considering that Bic lighters and other lighters that are disposable are inexpensive, avoid the hassle of buying one upon arrival at the destination.

Do you have to carry a Zippo lighter with you in your checked luggage?

The same is true using the Bic lighter. TSA states that Zippos can be carried to be checked in bags provided they’re 100% empty and are in an approved lighter case from DOT.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll satisfy either of these conditions, so I don’t suggest trying it. Put it into your carry-on bag to ensure your safety.