Himalaya Airlines Baggage Allowance

Harry Oliver


If you’re gearing up for a journey with Himalaya Airlines, it’s essential to be well-versed in their baggage policy. Nobody wants baggage-related surprises at the airport, right? So, let’s dive into the ins and outs of Himalaya Airlines’ baggage allowance, fees, and everything in between.

Carry-On Convenience

Size and Weight Matters
When it comes to your carry-on luggage, Himalaya Airlines is quite accommodating. Passengers are allowed one piece of cabin baggage and a personal item, like a briefcase or a small backpack. However, it’s crucial to ensure that your carry-on doesn’t exceed 114 centimeters in combined width, length, and height. This measurement includes any protruding wheels or handles. There are exceptions for certain musical instruments that can fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat during boarding.

Now, if you’re on a Himalaya Airlines flight with 50 seats or less, you’re limited to just one personal item due to space constraints. Keep in mind that these rules can vary depending on your route, so a quick visit to Himalaya Airlines’ website for specifics is a smart move.

Weight Watchers
Thankfully, there’s no maximum weight limit for your carry-on baggage. However, it’s worth noting that different airports may have their own regulations regarding carry-on weight. To stay informed, be sure to check the Himalaya Airlines website for airport-specific guidelines.

Checked Baggage Insights

When you’re jetting off with Himalaya Airlines, it’s essential to be aware of potential fees for checked baggage, especially if you’re flying domestically. The exact fees can be found on the official Himalaya Airlines website.

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The Scoop on Excess Baggage

Himalaya Airlines isn’t too keen on excess baggage, and they’ll charge you extra if you exceed their limitations in terms of size, weight, or quantity. The fees for excess baggage can vary depending on your geographical location, so for precise details, visit the Himalaya Airlines website.

Special Items and Sports Equipment

Are you a sports enthusiast or traveling with unique baggage? Himalaya Airlines allows a wide range of sporting equipment and special items on their flights. Some items might count as standard checked bags, while others could be considered oversized or overweight, resulting in additional charges and specific restrictions. To get the lowdown on this, head over to the Himalaya Airlines website.

Bringing Furry Friends Onboard

If you’re planning to bring your four-legged companion along for the ride, here’s the scoop. Dogs, cats, and household birds (keep in mind, birds are only allowed on domestic Nepal flights) can accompany you on Himalaya Airlines flights. There’s a fee of $125 for one-way travel within Nepal and $200 for international travel. However, your pet must fit comfortably in a carrier box that can fit under the seat in front of you, and this will count as one piece of your carry-on luggage.

Baggage Policy FAQs

1. What’s the deal with checked baggage?

  • Himalaya Airlines allows 2 standard bags, with a maximum of 10 bags (up to 4 bags on Himalaya Airlines Connection flights).
  • Maximum dimensions: 62 inches or 157 centimeters (length + width + height).
  • Maximum weight: 50 pounds or 23 kilograms.

2. How about excess baggage fees?

  • Checking three or more bags per passenger on Himalaya Airlines flights will cost you between $85 and $95 per bag.
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3. What’s the deal with overweight baggage?

  • Overweight baggage refers to bags weighing over 50 pounds. The fees for this are in addition to any standard, excess, or oversized baggage fees. Bags exceeding 99 pounds won’t be accepted as checked luggage on Himalaya Airlines.

4. Do baggage fees apply on Himalaya Airlines?

  • Yes, they do. The fees are determined by factors such as your fare type, destination, military personnel status, frequent flyer program membership, affiliation with other carriers, or possession of a Himalaya Airlines-sponsored credit/charge card.

So, there you have it, a comprehensive breakdown of Himalaya Airlines’ baggage policy. It’s always wise to double-check the latest information on the official website, as policies can change, and you don’t want any surprises as you embark on your journey with this Nepali airline. Safe travels!