How Do I Replace A Flat Tire?

Actually, you should only be able to do two things to become a cycling tourist: Cycling and replacing an inner tube means How do I replace a flat tire?. If you’ve ever had to call 35km from home next to the canal or on some country lane to pick you up, you know what we’re talking about.

The basic essentials you should always bring:

  • 2 spare tires
  • Tire levers (at least 2)
  • Mini pump or CO² cartridges
How do I replace a flat tire

Remove the Wheel from the Bicycle

To take your wheel out, first open your brakes and then loosen the quick release. No more.

  • Is your rear wheel difficult to get out? Then shift to the heaviest gear (smallest gear). Then you have more leeway with your chain.

Remove the Flat Tire

Take your tire levers. Carefully pry the first one approximately under the valve under the tire. You hook the back of the lighter to a spoke. With the second tire lever you loosen the rest of the tire so that it comes off the rim with one side.

  • With some stiffer tires you will need a third lighter.

Now remove the punctured inner tube, the outer tube remains where it is.

  • Don’t leave your old tire next to the road. Take it home to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.
How do I replace a flat tire

Check The Tire: How Do I Replace A Flat Tire?

You punctured for a reason. Chances are that a piece of glass, metal or stone has penetrated your tire and is still there. If you put a new inner tube without thinking, you will be back in no time.

  • Feel good inside and out and try not to skip a bit. The only thing more annoying than a flat tire is two flat tires.
How do I replace a flat tire

Lay the New Tire

Pump a little air into the tire to give it some shape and volume. This makes it easier to get around the rim.

  • Do you work with CO² cartridges? Do NOT use it for this. Then rather blow with your mouth as you would with a balloon.

Start with the valve, then wrap the entire tire around the rim. Not a single piece of inner tube should be visible. When all that is done, you can put the tire back. This is probably the most difficult part of the story. Pushing the last 10cm over the rim can be tricky, but keep working piece by piece and you’ll get there.

  • Double check that no piece of inner tube beeps. If a piece is stuck, your new tire will explode again very quickly when inflating.


Have you checked everything seventeen times? Then air is allowed back into the tire. Be careful with your mini pump. If you rage too wildly, your valve could be damaged. Clamp your wheel well so that it doesn’t rock back and forth and keep pumping. * Depending on the quality of your pump, you will have to make a reasonable effort to get enough pressure, but if you hit a 5-6 bar you will definitely get home.

How do I replace a flat tire

Do you use a CO² cartridge or “bomb”? Then just apply it to the valve and let it do its thing.

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Put the wheel back

The first step but the other way around. Tighten the quick release, close your brakes, check that your wheel is not against the frame, check the gears and make yourself at home!