How Tight Should Skateboard Wheels Be


Skateboard wheels are the most important component of a skateboard. If your wheels aren’t loose or tight enough, they can cause major problems while riding. The first thing to remember is that skateboard wheels do not require much torque to be properly tightened. A torque wrench is only necessary if you’re changing out bearings or reassembling a truck after getting it off track by tightening it too much!

wheel nuts should be tightened properly, not too tight and not too loose

You need to be able to properly tighten your skateboard wheels. This is a skill that you should learn, but it’s also one that can be done incorrectly. Skateboarding is dangerous enough without having loose wheels on your board.

  • How do you know when your skateboard wheels are tight enough?
  • The best way to test this is by rolling the board on concrete loudly and listening for any rattling sounds in the bearings or bushings (the part where the axle goes through). This will allow any loose bearings or bushing inside the wheel to be heard easily over street noise or music playing inside a shop while you’re testing them out, so make sure there aren’t many people around when trying this method out! If there’s no rattle coming from inside when rolling them across pavement then they’re probably good enough for riding around town with but might squeak if ridden hard downhill due to poor quality bearings being used inside each hub assembly unit.”

Tighten wheels gradually

You can use a skateboard tool to tighten your wheels, but it’s a bad idea. Using the wrong tool and technique can cause damage to your board and wheels.

The best way to tighten skateboard wheels is by hand with an Allen wrench.

This method is simple and effective, but if you’re worried about over-tightening or under-tightening, here are some tips:

  • You don’t need a torque wrench or skateboard tool to tighten your skateboard bearings—you only need an Allen wrench (aka hex key) that’s long enough to reach each bearing without removing them from their respective trucks.
  • An Allen wrench comes in many sizes; for most decks, we recommend using a 2mm Allen wrench for 8mm bolts (unless otherwise specified).
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What makes a wheel loose?

  • If the axle nut is not tight enough, the wheel can become loose.
  • If the axle nut is too tight, the wheel will be difficult to turn and may come off.
  • If a wheel was not tightened properly when it was first put on, it may become loose over time as it wears down and becomes less secure in its mountings.

When should you tighten wheels?

Wheels should be tightened before each ride.

Wheels should be tightened after you have ridden the board for a while. This is because the bearings will wear down and make it easier to turn the wheels (and therefore, tighten them).

Wheels should also be tightened when you put on new bearings.

What are the dangers of riding with loose wheels?

  • Accidents: Loose wheels can cause accidents by coming off while you’re riding. If the wheel is loose and unsecured, it’s more likely to come off when you’re at high speeds or deep in a trick where the board is tilted to one side. You may also be at risk of getting hit by flying objects like rocks or tree branches if they’re caught under your wheels when they come off.
  • Wheel Bite: Loose wheels can also cause wheel bite, which happens when your trucks are spinning so fast that they get stuck between two objects (usually another skateboarder) and this causes them to lock up and make the board stop suddenly without warning—and with force!

How do you tighten skateboard wheels?

There are a few ways to tighten skateboard wheels. You can use a skateboard tool, which is a device that has all of the necessary parts in one convenient place. A skateboard wrench is another option that works similarly to a regular screwdriver but with the added benefit of being able to tighten or loosen your skateboard’s wheels.

Skateboarders who need more precision may choose to purchase an allen key style tool with interchangeable socket wrenches and screwdrivers on opposite ends. This type of tool provides even greater control over how much torque gets applied when tightening your skateboarding equipment.

Do trucks affect how tight wheels should be?

Trucks are the metal axles that connect your skateboard wheels to your board. They allow you to turn and pivot, making grinding and ollies possible. Trucks come in different sizes, degrees of turn, and shapes.

The tighter your skateboard wheels are on the axle of a lower degree truck (like a longboard), the more difficult it will be for you to do tricks like manuals or shove-its because there is less give in the wheel itself. However, if you have higher degree trucks (like speedboards) with high rebound bushings installed between them and your deck then you’ll need less tightening as they’re already quite loose!

Should wheel nuts be tightened as much as possible?

The wheel nuts should be tightened to a maximum of 40 in/lbs, but the recommended torque range is 35 ft-lb (44 Nm) to 50 ft-lb (67 Nm). If you tighten your wheel nuts too much, they could strip the threads or break. If you don’t tighten them enough, they may come off when riding.

What if you can’t tighten your skateboard wheel?

If you can’t tighten your skateboard wheels, it could be that they are damaged. This damage could be in the form of rust, dents and scratches or a cracked axle or bearing. If this is the case, you may need to replace them with new ones.

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If you don’t feel comfortable replacing the wheels yourself, then take your board into your local shop so they can help you out.

The best thing to do when trying to tighten your skateboard’s wheels is to start off by checking for any damage on them first. If there isn’t any damage found then it could just be a case of bad bearings needing replacement or tightening up but not too much as this would cause further issues later down the line if left unchecked now!

You need to tighten your skateboard wheel slowly and not too tightly.

There are two things to avoid when tightening your skateboard wheel:

  • Over-tightening the wheel, which can cause it to break and ruin your bearings.
  • Under-tightening, which will allow the nut to loosen and come off in your hand while you’re skating.

To get a good feel for how tight or loose to make your skateboard wheel, start by placing your free hand on top of the nut so that it presses against it tightly. If there’s any extra space between this hand and the nut after trying only once or twice, you’ve probably gone too far; if there’s no pressure at all (i.e., if both hands go through each other), then stop now! Otherwise, just keep going until they begin pressing together firmly enough that they don’t go through each other any more than once every few seconds as they spin around while rolling on flat ground

The wheels should not touch the board.

Wheels that are too tight can cause the board to ride unevenly, and even lead to damage. If your wheels are centred on the board but still touching, you should loosen them up a bit so they don’t rub against the sides of your deck. If they’re rubbing against anything at all, they’re too tight!

You should be able to turn the wheel without tightening the nut too much.

You should be able to turn the wheel without tightening the nut too much. The nut should not be loose enough that it comes off, but you shouldn’t have to crank down on it either.

Try to tighten it with your hand or a mallet or screwdriver.

While you’re tightening your skateboard wheels, try to make sure they’re evenly spaced. It can be frustrating when one of them is off a bit and it throws off the whole ride.

If you have a small screwdriver or mallet handy, this will help tighten them up without too much effort on your part. Use something heavy like a hammer only if all else fails—you don’t want to over tighten or damage the wheel!

Wheels should turn and not wobble

It is important that your skateboard wheels turn smoothly. If they do not, you should tighten or loosen the axle nuts.

If a wheel turns too much, tighten the nut on that side of the truck. If it doesn’t turn enough, loosen that same nut until your board feels balanced and stable when riding it.

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What is the best hardness for a skateboard wheel?

The hardness of the wheels can be measured in durometer, a scale from 0 to 100. The higher the number, the harder it is.

Hardness affects several things:

  • Speed: Harder wheels are faster than softer ones because they roll over rough surfaces better, which allows them to pick up speed more easily.
  • Grip: Harder wheels have better grip because they compress less and don’t deform while you’re turning or stopping quickly.
  • Wear and tear: Hardening your wheels will make them last longer—but only if you’re using good bearings on your board!

The best way to find out what works for you is to experiment.

The best way to find out what works for you is to experiment. Try different wheels and different durometers, different brands of wheels, different types of bearings, different axle nuts and even trucks.

wheel nuts should be torqued to a maximum of 40 in/lbs to 43 in/lbs

To properly tighten the wheel nuts, we recommend starting with a torque wrench and tightening them to 40 in/lbs. If you do not have access to a torque wrench, you can use an adjustable wrench as long as it has an accuracy of ±2%.

If your trucks are loose or have been damaged, you may need to check the tolerances for how tight your wheels should be. For example, if your board is from a company called GoldCoastSkateboards™ and their website says that their trucks are designed for 7/8″ bearings and their rims’ axles fit into 3/4″ holes on the decks (and vice versa), then these numbers will determine how much force is needed to keep everything together.

If this information isn’t available on any official websites or marketing materials that came with your skateboard kit, then we recommend checking out our article on finding out how tight skateboard wheels should be

wheel nuts should be torqued to a minimum of 35 ft/lbs

If you have a skateboard, you have probably noticed that the wheels are held in place by nuts and bolts. These nuts need to be tightened properly to keep your wheels in one place.

The minimum torque for skateboard wheel nuts is 35 ft/lbs. The maximum torque for skateboard wheel nuts is 40 inch pounds (in/lbs) to 43 in/lbs

Skateboard wheels must be properly tightened with the axle nut in order to function correctly. If your wheels are loose, they can come off while riding and cause an accident. If they’re too tight, the bearings may not spin freely causing drag on the ride.

A skateboard wheel must be properly tightened with the axle nut in order to function correctly. If your wheels are loose, they can come off while riding and cause an accident. If they’re too tight, the bearings may not spin freely causing drag on the ride.

How Tight is TOO Tight?


Skateboard wheels should be properly tightened with the axle nut in order to function correctly. If your wheels are loose, they can come off while riding and cause an accident. If they’re too tight, the bearings may not spin freely causing drag on the ride.

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