How to choose your road bike?

Find your racing machine!

We are going to review a series of concepts to help you when choosing the correct road bike for your experience.

Aspects to consider when choosing a road bike
In a road bike, the first thing is to choose the right model, for the experience we want to live, and that is where how to choose your road bike becomes essential.

The brands that develop road bikes do so for sports use , for more cyclotourist use , for use in time trials or triathlons, and even for a more versatile use such as any type of road or terrain.

Based on your preferences and your budget, you will still have to make a few decisions:

Should the frame of your road bike be made of aluminum or carbon fiber?
Do you want a mechanical or electronic gearbox?
Do you prefer rim or disc brakes?
This is already a very personal or even budget issue.

We always defend that a great transmission does not make much sense if we do not have a great frame, and that is why we give the utmost importance to the frame and what we want to do with the bike, how to dress it, will depend on your budget….

Road bikes for racing.
These road bikes are designed and built to support sporty riding at the highest competitive level. The pedaling position is very flat and aerodynamic.

That is, the position on the bike is quite extended and the shoulders lean over the handlebars.

These road bikes have maximum stiffness with minimum weight, and are perfect for big climbs and demanding routes.

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Road bikes for cycling.
Road bikes for endurance tests, or cyclotourism, are ideal for long routes on country roads and spectacular bike marathons… ..

The pedaling position is sporty, but comfortable. These road bikes offer maximum pedaling comfort, based on a higher geometry and a frame, where vibrations are eliminated by the carbon absorption systems that they insert into their construction.

They have a slightly higher and shorter frame, which makes our posture not so aggressive, and therefore, that our way of riding the bike is more relaxed. The passage of the kilometers will not be a problem, because our body will not feel the vibrations and the bumps of the terrain, due to its shock absorption system. Its front stiffness and light weight will also make it a very interesting bike for big climbs.

Road bikes for triathlon.
These road bikes are built for time trialists and triathletes. They are characterized by special aerodynamics.

The pedaling position on a time trial or triathlon bike is absolutely flat, allowing you to lean as far as possible on the handlebars and offer the least possible attack surface to the wind. These road bikes offer maximum aerodynamics.

Versatile road bikes for everything.
This is already the bomb, a new modality that in the coming years will set new standards. A frame with a comfortable geometry, with a road design, but that allows you to insert a tire of up to 35mm, to be able to roll on any terrain. It gives you the freedom to fit wide, steep-profile tires. So you can pedal on all roads, whether they are asphalt or gravel. A frame, with shock absorption systems, to achieve comfort, where we need it.

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