IMG Worlds Dubai – Everything You Need To Know

Harry Oliver


Prepare yourself for an exciting day at the theme park IMG Worlds of Adventure. Find out what you can do, from food to rides.

Dubai is an architectural marvel with its tall buildings, luxurious malls, chic hotels, and vibrant bars. The city is a romantic getaway for couples and a family vacation. Theme parks in Dubai are perfect for both. IMG Worlds of Adventure, an indoor amusement in UAE is Dubai’s first mega-themed entertainment destination.

This huge park, owned by the Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group, is spread over 1.5 million square feet and can accommodate more than 20,000 people in a single day. The park is the world’s largest indoor theme entertainment destination. There are many things to do, from becoming a superhero to having an adventure. Explore the thrilling roller coasters, the amusing rides and Marvel Superheroes.

IMG Worlds of Adventure Time is from Sunday to Wednesday 11am-8pm and Thursday to Saturday 11am-10pm. The park brings joy to the world 365 days a year. Admission to the park costs AED 285 for adults and AED 255 for children.

Take a tour of the main attractions at IMG Dubai


This is the best indoor theme park in the world. We know what you want – more excitement, adrenaline and chilling shows. This park is divided into 5 epic zones:

a.Cartoon Network

A favourite kids zone, featuring cartoon characters from Cartoon Network.

Ben 10 is a multi-sensory epic adventure that asks you immerse yourself in Ben’s universe. The largest Ben 10 shop in the world and the first 5D Ben 10 movie theatre are both located here.
Adventure Time (The Ride of OOO With Finn & Jake – Monorail) will take you to the Land of OOO where you’ll meet Ice King and Princesses.
The Amazing Ride of Gumball takes place in Elmore, where you must compete with your friends to kill the objects which have become alive.
* LazyTown does not make you lazy as it allows you to dance, climb and do many other interesting things.

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As an adult, you may think that a place filled with cartoons is not for you. There are plenty of thrills and excitement to keep you entertained. This zone is great if you like Marvel (The Walt Disney Company). You won’t be in a position to conceal your excitement once you see the superheroes roller coasters and rides.

Avengers Battle of Ultron: A motion-based dark ride. Earn your spot in the Avengers and join the inspiring group of Iron Man Thor, Black Widow Hawkeye Captain America, and the Hulk as they fight Ultron.
The Hulk Epsilon Base 3D offers a 360-degree viewing dome that allows you to take part in the incredible battle between him and his greatest enemy in 3D.
Spider-Man : Doc Ock’s Revenge, a rollercoaster that is always spinning and tries to stop Doctor Octopus stealing energy.
Thor Thunder Spin – a large and fast spinning ride.
Avengers Flight of the Quinjets is a great opportunity for everyone to experience their own Quinjet.

c.IMG Boulevard

This is a zone with a mix of leisure and eerie vibes. This place is full of powerful attractions, shopping and dining options.

* The Haunted Hotel – The name is enough to describe this cave, which has been influenced by ghosts. You’ll have to navigate a maze-like corridor, face the ever-changing scenery and meet spine-tingling characters. It’s equally scary to leave this ghoulish hotel. Enter this terrifying hotel if you are brave and want to experience something new.

d.Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure

This is IMG’s original intellectual property, which is dynamic and dramatic. You might be fooled by the life-size animatronic dinosaur and think it is real.

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The Velociraptor roller coaster is an exciting ride with many twists and turns. It travels through the jungle and desert in only 2.5 seconds at speeds of 100km/h.
Forbidden Territory has the longest ride.
Predator is an exciting game that showcases gravity’s power.
Dino Carousel revolves around spinning without enemies, just friendly obstacles in the zone.
Adventure Fortress allows you to defend the village against the dinosaurs in Lost Valley by running up ladders, down slides, across bridges, and through tunnels.

2.Novo Cinema

IMG, in partnership with Novo Cinemas, has created an unforgettable cinema experience for visitors. The futuristic design features an Instagrammable backdrop with over 5,000 meters LED strip lighting in varying colors and floor-to-ceiling mirror lighting. Customers will be transported into an otherworldly experience. The 12-screen complex also boasts the world’s largest IMAX screen with laser. This is the new generation of cinema for the region. The 7-star VIP private lounge with a custom dining menu, personal butler and soft and cozy reclining seats with blankets and pillows will make you feel at home. The multi-purpose cinemas feature a presentation stage, and they can also be used for corporate and business meetings.


You’ll never be hungry because there are so many options to eat and shop in each zone. There are 28 outlets that serve food and beverages. They offer a wide variety of cuisines. Pro chefs cook mouth-watering food using the freshest ingredients. They serve everything from Arabic to Indian. Flavours of Arabia is a great place to enjoy a meal. Other top spots include Spice Valley, Mr Smoothy, and Tony’s Skydeck.

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You can take home a souvenir of your IMG Worlds of Adventure experience or buy a gift for cherished friends. Retail stores are located in every zone, offering a wide range of themed merchandise and branded products from your favorite cartoons and Superheroes.

a.Cartoon Network:

Take a nostalgic journey down memory lane.
Cartoon Network Classics: The Amazing World of Gumball, Cartoon Network Store Lazy Store Ben 10 Universe


Step closer to the action of superheroes.
Marvel Universe, Empire News and Comics Store, Avengers Exchange Epsilon, Marvel Vault Daily Bugle Company store

c.Lost Valley:

A store with dinosaur eggs.
The Explorer’s Supply Raptor Outpost LV Retail Cart

d.IMG Boulevard:

The retail group is dedicated to chocolate, candy, spooky paintings, superhero battle sequence, and more.
Haunted Hotel Stores, World of Candy Adventure Photography, Courage & Kind IMG Emporium

5. IMG Kids

IMG Worlds has unveiled a brand new giant inflatable playground for children. The inflatable playground offers a variety of fun activities for children. There are many features to attract young minds, such as a climbing wall, a football field, slides, and a sweeper.

Are you staying in a city? IMG Worlds of Adventure offers a convenient shuttle service to and from your hotel.

The theme park is a place where you can play and have fun like never before. This is a unique experience that you should not miss the next time you’re in Dubai.