10 Ways To Make Sure Nobody Wants To Ride With You Anymore

You love your sport with all your heart and your friends know it. Your constant enthusiasm about the great cycling heroes and epic stories about your most groundbreaking challenges radiate so hard on your friends that you convince them to buy a racing bike too. Splendid. New friends to enjoy beautiful bike rides after school or work.

But watch out, Eddy. Not everyone is as hardcore as you are. If you don’t pay attention, it will take a long time before someone else wants to drive with you.

Therefore: 10 things you should not do when cycling with your budding friends.

1) Show up in time trial suit, on a bike of $ 10,000

Comrade X has just knocked a second-hand 2009 aluminum bike on the head and is riding around with a loose shirt and cheap helmet. Does it even have clipless pedals? There you come crashed. Full carbon racing machine under your butt, rubbed (shaved) legs and aerodynamic helmet. Talk about a strange couple.

2) Be competitive:Make Sure Nobody Wants To Ride With You Anymore

After twenty minutes of driving loose you will come across a cobblestone strip or bridge. “Sprint?” Before your buddy realizes it, he will see a carbon haze of showing off passing by. He probably doesn’t care about that sprint, but he has to chase it now.

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3) Giving too much advice

Do not answer questions that have not been asked. You clearly know a lot about cycling, but keep it to yourself.

4) Select a too long or difficult tour

Great, Comrade X is coming for a ride. Please do not drag him on a 100km ride and avoid the nearby hills. You may need hard training, it will soon be too much for him.

5) Bored about how “not fit” you are

You are clearly better than your completely novice friend. There is no point in rolling your muscles even more by repeating that “you haven’t been on the bike for months”. He has long been happy to follow you. Don’t be silly.

6) Chasing Strava:Make Sure Nobody Wants To Ride With You Anymore

During this ride, forget your Strava. Your friend has no need to put the string on all your favorite segments. Just enjoy cycling.

7) Talk about racing constantly

Do you ride races? Cool. Your new bike buddy isn’t. Your stories of insane last rounds and epic sprint defeats probably don’t mean much to him.

8) Be a snob

Not everyone likes to spend fortunes on the latest material. Shiny carbon shoes, rims that rise above your knees and other luxury products are very cool, but unnecessary for most people. Don’t look down on cheaper products or “amateurish” material. Nobody cares.

9) Talk about weight

Cyclists are obsessed with weight and being slim. Absolutely no beginners. Nobody likes to hear about losing weight. Keep your talk about weight loss and focus on the mirror.

10) Constantly pull head

You go cycling together . Drive side by side, adjust your pace to your partner. What’s fun about cycling together when you don’t see each other and your buddy can’t say Dad because he’s dying in your wheel?

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Think about this the next time you go cycling with someone who is not as cycling fanatic as you.