Pakistan International Airlines Baggage Allowance

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Traveler’s Guide: Essential Information for PIA Passengers

Hey there, fellow travelers! If you’re gearing up for an adventure with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), it’s crucial to have all the scoop on what you need to know before you set foot in the airport. Here’s the lowdown on everything from check-in times to special assistance, so your journey goes as smooth as silk.

Arrival Time Matters

Domestic Flights: Picture this – you’re flying within Pakistan. To dodge any last-minute dash or unnecessary stress, make it a point to reach the airport at least 2 hours before your domestic flight’s departure. Trust me; this buffer makes a world of difference.

International Flights: Now, if you’re embarking on an international adventure, the game plan is a tad different. Aim to arrive at the airport a good 4 hours prior to takeoff. Why the extra time? Well, it’s all thanks to those meticulous security checks that international travel demands.

Clock’s Ticking!

Remember, PIA’s check-in counters are like Cinderella’s carriage; they turn into pumpkins – or, in this case, close down – precisely 1 hour before departure. So, don’t dilly-dally; get there on time.

Light Luggage Only

When it comes to your hand luggage, you’re limited to just one piece, and it shouldn’t tip the scales beyond 7 kgs. Oh, and leave those liquids, gels, perfumes, and creams out of your carry-on; otherwise, they’ll get the boot at security.

Baggage Rules

For all you jet-setters heading to the USA and Canada, here’s the deal. In the business class, you’re allowed two pieces of luggage, each maxing out at 28 kgs. If you’re flying economy, you can bring two pieces, but they shouldn’t exceed 23 kgs each. Plus, their combined length, width, and breadth can’t surpass 62 inches.

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(Quick note: This free baggage allowance doesn’t apply to other airline routes. Different carriers, different rules.)

Don’t Miss the Boarding Call

When it’s time to board, don’t play coy. The boarding gates close their doors 30 minutes before liftoff. Miss that call, and your bags might just have a solo adventure without you.

Special Assistance for Special Folks

PIA knows that not all heroes wear capes. If you or a fellow traveler need special assistance, one lucky person gets to accompany you into the check-in area. Just keep that in mind.

Crossing the Pond? Know Your Rights!

Traveling to or from the United States? The U.S. Department of Transportation has your back. They’ve got strict regulations in place to ensure non-discrimination on the basis of disability. PIA is all about compliance, so rest easy.

Get the Lowdown

For more info on these regulations or if you have a complaint or concern related to disability issues, here’s how you can dive deeper:

  • Ask the Airport: Pop over to our airports in the US for a full copy of these rules. Just ask, and you shall receive.
  • Dial Us: If you’re within the United States, give the Toll-Free Hotline for Air Travelers with Disabilities a ring at (+1) 1-800-778-4838 (voice) or (+1) 1-800-455-9880 (TTY). Alternatively, call the Aviation Consumer Protection Division at (+1) 202-366-2220 (voice) or (+1) 202-366-0511 (TTY).
  • Go Online: For the digital-savvy folks, the full text of the U.S. DOT regulation 14 CFR 382 is just a click away.
  • Good Old Snail Mail: Drop a letter to Air Consumer Protection Division, C-75, U.S. Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Ave, SE, West Building, Room W96-432, Washington, DC 20590.
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UK Travelers, Take Note

If you’re making a pitstop in the UK, you might need a Direct Air-side Transit Visa (DATV). Here are the documents you need if you’re traveling to the USA:

  • Alien resident card (green card) issued before April 21, 1998.
  • I-551 stamp (red color wet stamp). This one’s for those in the green card process.
  • Refugee passport, but only if you don’t already have a DATV and a permanent resident card issued post-April 21, 1998.
  • Transportation letter.
  • Letter of parole.

Furry Friends and Feathered Companions

Got a pet or live animal in tow? PIA is pet-friendly, but there are rules:

  • Properly crate your pets, reptiles, or birds, and make sure they have all the necessary health certificates and entry permits.
  • For your furry lap companions (dogs, cats, and birds), they’re restricted to the hold, not the cabin.
  • Be prepared for excess baggage charges; it’s the norm for live animals.
  • Keep your pet in a container that doesn’t exceed 35″ x 23″ x 40″.
  • Cover bird cages with a cloth during flights.
  • For flights to Great Britain, pets can only travel as cargo with the right permits.
  • When it comes to Saudi Arabia, clear it with the authorities first. Dog, monkeys, and certain birds need clearance.

Remember, the weight of your furry or feathered friend, along with the container, isn’t included in your baggage allowance, so be ready to pay those excess baggage charges.

Expectant Travelers

To our expectant mothers out there, PIA’s got some guidelines:

  • Declare your pregnancy at booking.
  • Have your MEDIF and ultrasound report ready.
  • You’re good to go up to 35 weeks; after that, it’s a no-go.
  • That ultrasound report is a must, in addition to your medical certificate.
  • If you don’t have the required docs, sorry, but you won’t be flying.
  • If you’re connecting through other carriers, they should have done their checks too.

Tee Off with Your Golf Kit

Golf lovers, we’ve got you covered. If you’re carrying your golf gear along with your free baggage allowance, you’re in the clear. No extra charges here.

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Weather Woes

Mother Nature can be unpredictable, so if your flight gets hit by bad weather, here’s a nugget of wisdom from the Association of British Insurers. Check in with your tour operator, air carrier, or airport before you venture out into the icy unknown. If they say it’s a no-go, your travel insurance has your back.

  • Delay: You might get a cash sum if you’re delayed for a specified time, like 8 hours.
  • Missed Departure: Bad weather blocking your way to the airport? Check with your insurer.
  • ‘Abandoned’ Trip: If your plans go belly-up due to cancellation or delay, your policy might still come to the rescue.

Remember, the level of coverage can vary, so give your travel insurance a once-over.


Assistance, We’ve Got You

PIA is all about making your journey comfortable, especially if you have special needs. We’re here to assist, so reach out and let us know how we can help. You can find more info on special assistance on our website or by getting in touch with our local reservation office.

Still Not Satisfied?

If your complaint isn’t resolved to your liking, take it up with the US Department of Transportation. Here’s how:

  • Toll-Free Hotline for Air Travelers with Disabilities: (+1) 1-800-778-4838 (voice) or (+1) 1-800-455-9880 (TTY).
  • Aviation Consumer Protection Division: (+1) 202-366-2220 (voice) or (+1) 202-366-0511 (TTY).
  • Mail it: Air Consumer Protection Division, C-75, US Dept of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Ave., SE., West Building, Room W96-432, Washington, DC 20590.

And if you want to get your hands on that regulation, it’s just a few clicks away at

So there you have it, folks – your comprehensive guide to navigating PIA like a pro. Bon voyage! 🌍✈️