Segway Ninebot S Review

It is great and ideal for traveling or commuting when you have your own electric transport. With this Segway Ninebot S electric transport, anyone can easily commute in a short time. It is a self-balancing electric transport that is ideal for traveling or for fun activities. It utilized a smart battery management system that shows the best performance of the battery. This electric transport is waterproof and ensures its best operation in all different weathers.

Segway Ninebot S Review

Always Shows Its Best Performance:

Here we describe the performance of Segway Ninebot in our Segway Ninebot S Review. The rider goes anywhere with this electric transport and it increases fun in your style. It is ideally built for large miles transportation and great mobility with entertainment. The Ninebot S is capable to reach the rider to their destination with full enjoyment and also gives you the best experience of riding.

Powerful Motors:

The Segway Ninebot S contains dual powerful motors of 400W. These powerful motors help to easily reach the destination with a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour. This top speed is best to travel long distances for traveling. When its single battery is fully charged, it has the power to easily ride more than 13.7 miles. This Segway Ninebot is also capable to climb a hill with a maximum slope of 15-degree.

Segway Ninebot S Review

Intelligent BMS:

This personal electric transport has intelligent BMS (Battery Management System). This smart system gives you a real report about the status of current, voltage, and temperature. Also, it shows the status of battery and ay potential fault if occur. The main purpose of this smart battery management system is to improve the safety of the rider with great comfortability. The rider will ride with full of confidence and really enjoy the riding.

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Anti-Skid Pneumatic Tires:

Further, we describe the tires of Segway Ninebot in our Segway Ninebot S Review, the tires and wheels are main vital to ensure the safety of the vehicle and comfortability of rider. The Ninebot S contains large anti-skid pneumatic tires of vacuum and of 10.5-inch rather than those which use a solid tire of 6-8 inches. These pneumatic tires improve its stability and have features of anti-skid and shock-absorption that are great for driving.

Segway Ninebot S Review
Segway Ninebot S Review

Lightweight & Portable Design:

In this section of Segway Ninebot S Review, the design of Segway Ninebot is described. The Ninebot S is compact design and its frame is made from aircraft-grade magnesium alloy. It is durable yet light in its weight and it has only a weight of 28 lbs and best to bear the load of 220 lbs. The Ninebot s can be lifted up easily with its knee control bar and easier to store in a trunk of the car. The knee control bar has also feature of easily detached for the easily fit it into small spaces.

Easy to Learn:

The learning of how to ride this Segway Ninebot S is very simple and easy with its Segway Ninebot App that provides the tutorial for a new rider. In this tutorial, step-by-step training is provided for easy learning. This easy method of learning is very easy and everyone easily learns how to ride it in a very short time.

Segway Ninebot S Review

Safe to Ride:

The Segway Ninebot S is completely safe to ride for new beginners who do not know about its riding. For a new rider, it limits its maximum speed to 4.3 miles per hour and when a new beginner completes the New Rider Tutorial, the maximum speed becomes 6.2 miles per hour for 0.6 miles. After completing the 0.6 miles the rider can disable the speed limiter by its app and easily reach its maximum speed of 10 miles per hour.

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Convert Ninebot S into Gokart Transformer:

Now, in our Segway Ninebot S Review, we describe the conversion of Ninebot S into Gokart Transformer. The most unique accessories of the Ninebot Gokart Kit are provided by it and when the rider attaches this kit to the base of Ninebot S it will easily convert into full-functional Gokart. It is capable to easily reach the top speeds of more than 15 miles per hour.

The Ninebot S carries a maximum payload of 220lbs. It has an adjustable frame length and three best modes of speeds. Both kids and parents will able to enjoy their riding experience with its best features.

Outdoor Fun Riding:

The Ninebot S is perfect to live life in motion. It is the most ideal electric transport for outdoor fun riding. It provides riding experience with full of fun and safety. This electric transport is perfect for stylish mobility around anywhere in a city. It is built to go anywhere the rider meant to go. The handle-bars are made from soft PU foam is used to steer. These comfortable handlebars are for more comfortable riding.

Quality Assurance:

The best thing that we mention in our Segway Ninebot S Review is its quality assurance. The Ninebot S is super sturdy and best durable personal electric transport. It is quality made electric transport and provided a guarantee of one-year and for different parts, it gives a guarantee of 180-day.  


The removing kneebar is not easy to change out for sometimes. It requires little practice after that you can do it easily. The tires of electric bike squeal a little louder when turning it during riding but there is no noise when moving in a straight direction.

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The Segway Ninebot S gives priority to safety. It is UL certified and meets the standards for the safety of fire and electricity.

It is the most sturdy and powerful electric bike that contains powerful motors of 400W.

The 10.5 inches of pneumatic tires are used in it. The applicable age for riding this bike is 16-50 years and the applicable height is 3.11-6.6 inches.

It has intelligent app management that controls the various operations of an electric bike.

This electric bike is sturdy and also ensures its quality. It comes with a warranty of one-year and warranty for different parts are of 180 days.

  • Easy to ride with safety
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Detachable knee control bar
  • UL2272 Certified
  • Road adaptive design
  • Easy learning with Segway Ninebot’s App
  • Powerful Motors of 400 W
  • Tires Squeal little loudly
  • Removing kneebar is not easy for sometimes

The Segway Ninebot S is the best model of electric bike that is very easy to ride with full safety. This compact design is lightweight yet very sturdy and durable. The powerful motors used in it are providing very fast speed and the battery is capable to easily cover the long distances.