Terms and Conditions

Our aim is to provide top-quality services and to serve our customers with total commitment. The Terms and Conditions listed below outline what you can be expecting from us when using our services.


We require all of the details that are correct required, as indicated by the obligatory when you fill the form. If you fill out the form, we will assume that you and any other guests who are booking together comply with our Terms and Conditions. Any updates or details about your booking will be made available to you via your contact number or email address you’ve entered on the form. If you make a reservation on behalf of a person other than yourself, you are accountable for informing them about the Booking Policy and Terms & Conditions and any other relevant details.

Our Services

Based on information you supply and the options the you decide to make, we will make every effort to provide you with precise price estimates for your travel requirements. As a travel agency we help our clients in booking flights as well as other travel-related services available through our website. We do not however recommend or endorse any particular companies or methods of transport. We cannot ensure that the hotels or airlines that you select will offer the quality of service we would expect. We are required to abide by their conditions and terms of service.

ID Documents

You are accountable for bringing all necessary travel documents along with you. We will not be held responsible for any repercussions you may encounter when traveling in the absence of this document. It is suggested to verify with airlines or reliable sources before you travel the required documents that must be used for uninterrupted travel to a specific destination.

Travel Insurance

It’s beneficial to purchase the Travel Insurance plan in advance to protect your rights against medical emergency that you may encounter in your travels.

Price Variations

Prices are listed on our website in line to the current exchange rate. It is your responsibility payment for all change in price promptly upon request. Any price changes could be added to your account up until full payment has been made. It is your responsibility to verifying whether the price has changed prior to making the payment.


It is essential to cooperate when you request refunds because the process of processing an application for refund may take a while.

If you’ve requested the refund and contacted our customer support department We will email you to inform you our receipt of your request to cancel. In the event of this email there is a chance that you won’t automatically be qualified for any refund. It is simply an acknowledgement of your request.

After receiving your request, we’ll collaborate with our suppliers, which includes airlines to offer you an exemption in line to the policies of these companies as well as other suppliers. Be aware that we depend upon our vendors to offer your requested reimbursements. You will be informed of the decision or the next step.

Once the vendor has approved the refund the credit card statement may not be able to show it immediately; it could take a bit of time. Refund charges are usually billed by the supplier. Prior to receiving credit on your account throughout the process, it could take up to 90 days after your request is accepted. In addition to the airline and other service providers’ penalties for refunds There could also be fees for post-ticketing services. The fees for refunds are added to the individual ticket.

If the airline’s or supplier’s rules permit these returns, and an approval for a refund has been granted by the supplier or a waiver of the requirement has been requested, the fees will be assessed. We will reimburse the post-ticketing fees that are that are associated with the agent-assisted refund request. However, if the company is unable to make the refund, the cost of booking for the first travel reservation cannot be refunded.

Other than these variables In the event of events beyond our control, like strikes, wars, cancellations delays and terrorist attacks or a flight interruption as imposed by the government, GetAirlineCare.com shall not be held accountable to issue refunds.

Unlawful Content

You must refrain to uploading or publishing images or other data which displays pornography, obscenity or racial discrimination, castingeism financial matters or is considered demeaning and morally in any way. Furthermore, you shall not be permitted to display any information that

  • Infringes on the privacy of other person.
  • Represents you as someone else.
  • Infringes on any copyright or patent.
  • It contains a malicious program or software that disrupts the functioning of the site.
  • Inflates the user’s information.
  • The image of the country as well as impacts its relations with the outside world.

Security of Information

We ensure privacy of personal data and information. Additionally, it can be mentioned that if are required to provide essential information about the services you would like to avail for example, the availability of specific services for people with disabilities or medical issues and availability of special meals when you follow certain food preferences and so on. It is important to be confident that your information will remain private. It could, however, be disclosed to outside organizations that are involved in coordinating the booking process.


We put in a lot of effort to ensure that our those who book flights or hotel rooms with us enjoy a seamless and enjoyable experience. However, unexpected or unplanned incidents could arise, and the trip may not go according to expected. If this happens it is imperative to contact our customer support staff promptly and communicate your concerns with them so they can assist you with an immediate solution. It is imperative to remember that if you’re not happy with the resolution and you are not satisfied, you need to inform the team by written form within thirty days of the day your trip came to an end.


While the itinerary for your trip is in accordance with the agreement by you with GetAirlineCare We may alter the itinerary, with regard to the safety of our customers in the event of unexpected events.


GetAirlineCare is a business that provides services for making reservations through external companies. This means that the company will not be held accountable for any errors or inaccuracies that they make and could have unintended effects. GetAirlineCare is not advising users to use any offer available on the site. It is on your own initiative.

Amendments to Terms & Conditions

The future may require modifications in our terms and conditions. If there are any modifications that are not in accordance with the Terms, they will be posted on our website. You must agree to the Terms once any modifications are made by GetAirlineCare.