Types Of Bathtub

I warn you: you may be overwhelmed by the large number and different Types Of Bathtub that exist in the market: with or without legs, inflatable, with changing mat, bucket type … There are almost as many models as families and circumstances.

So I am going to explain the key characteristics of each of the types, so you can see which one Best Baby Bath Tub With Stand suits your home and space.

Folding Or Inflatable Bathtubs:Types Of Bathtub

They are ideal for second residences, grandparents’ homes, for families that really have very little space or if you like to travel with the little one.

 Points in favor

They can be stored anywhere. The inflatables, deflate and keep in very little space. And the folding ones take up a little more space, but can be stored behind the door, or hung on a hook, since they usually have a hanging handle.

They have a very affordable price.

Things to keep in mind

 They are used to having folds and recesses, so you must dry it well so that moisture does not accumulate and fungi form.

 They are not very ergonomic for you because you will have to bend down to bathe the little one. Another option is to place them on a table or counter, but you have to be very careful not to put the child in danger by placing it somewhere unstable.

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Bathtubs With Changing Table

The queens in the bathtubs. They are large, majestic, elegant … But they take up space!

Points in favor

If you can afford the space, it’s a great bet for everyone’s comfort. And it is that they allow you to dress your child in the same room in which you bathe him, so you avoid temperature changes that can cause colds.

 Having the changing mat next to it also helps when bathing only the little one.

 A single person can leave the towel on top of the changing table, and take the child out, stretch it in the changing table and wrap it in the towel, without juggling.

 In addition, most include trays and organizing baskets to keep soap cans, sponges and other things necessary for bath time close at hand.

 Among the bathtubs with changing tables, there are some with legs and some to mount on top of the built-in bathtub in your bathroom.

Things to keep in mind

The first thing to consider if you are going to have one is where you will place it. If you are going to do it in the bathroom, you have to have enough space.

 There are some families who choose to place this piece of furniture in the room, but you have to think that as the children get older they splash more and more, so they may leave your room flooded like Venice.

Bathtubs With Legs

Some bathtubs include standard legs to make parents’ bath time more comfortable, since you won’t have to bend down or look for a raised surface to put the bathtub on high.

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Many of those that include a changing table also have legs to elevate the structure.

Others that can incorporate legs are the bucket type: the Shnuggle Baby , and others of the same style have legs that are sold separately.

Points in favor

 They provide comfort at bath time.

Things to keep in mind

 They take up more space than folding or inflatable.

Bathtubs Above The Bathtub

This type is installed by means of a simple “clip” system that adapts to almost any width of a built-in bathtub.

Points in favor

 The great advantage of this modality is the saving of space, since they are mounted in an already occupied space in the bathroom.

 They allow drainage directly on top of the bathtub, so they save work by transporting the bucket from one side to the other.

Things to keep in mind

The great disadvantage of this type is precisely the fact of occupying the bathtub of work. If you live in a flat with a single bathtub, you will need to be assembling and disassembling it, making it impractical. If you are lucky enough to have more than one sink, you can allow yourself to “cancel” a bathtub to dedicate it only to the baby’s bath.

Simple Bucket Bathtubs: Types Of Bathtub

They are the simplest, but also the most affordable. They can be used daily, or be used sporadically, for second homes or the home of your parents or in-laws.

Points in favor

 Despite not being foldable, they can be stored relatively easily.

 There are a type of inverted bell-shaped trays, such as the Shnuggle Baby  or the Tummy Tub , which, due to their shape and the position the baby takes, help with infant colic. They place the child vertically, and his legs are shrunk, so they calm this discomfort so typical in newborns.

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Things to keep in mind

 If you do not buy legs, it may be uncomfortable to bathe your little one.