What Is A Good Travel Towel?

Harry Oliver


What are those items that you take on your trip but don’t make use of? You carry them around in your backpack and wish that you’d put them away at home? This article isn’t about those kinds of things. This article will focus on what is one of the more useful things you can be carrying around all the time.

What is the reason I should take an extra towel when traveling?

Travel towels are often ignored as a vital item in your bag. The primary function is drying however, they can do far more than they do. When you’re in the wilderness, a towel for camping will keep you from freezing cold after a dip in the alpine lake or a floor mat to put in camping, and even a small cushion. If you’re headed for the beach, you can use it as an ideal beach towel to lie on, a towel for changing to put your wetsuit or swimming suit, or a shade cloth as well … it’s possible to continue but you’ll are getting the picture. We even helped get our car out of a jam by using these towels however that’s another story for another time. The versatility of towels is the reason it’s an essential item however, not all towels are created equal.

Regular towel vs travel towel?

There’s probably a normal towels hanging from your bath today. What’s the reason it’s hanging? Because it’s likely still damp from the shower you took last night. Traditional towels take a lengthy period of drying, and tend to collect odors and sand, are bulky and heavy and can be a hassle to carry around. However, they’re not all bad they’re usually warm and soft, and certainly aren’t a waste of space, especially if it is in your bathroom.

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When you think of the top travel towels, we notice an extreme contrast. They dry quickly, are lightweight and resistant to odors/sands. They also can be compact while being extremely soft and tough. This makes them the ideal piece of equipment that you can carry in your bag without sacrificing weight and space inside your backpack. In the category of the travel towels are many different sizes and materials that you can pick from.

What is the most suitable material for towels?

  • Cotton towels are soft to the touch but take longer to dry and be stale. Turkish towels are generally comprised out of cotton.
  • Bamboo towels feel soft and they dry quickly and are made from environmentally friendly materials. They tend to be at a higher cost and are usually only available in simple shades.
  • Linen towels resist odors and soft. They dry quickly but aren’t the most absorbent because of its tiny fibers.
  • Microfiber towels are incredibly soft, light and extremely robust. They are very breathable, they dry quickly and are very absorbent. They essentially take all of the advantages of the three other alternatives while removing the negatives.

What size of towel is the best one to you?

There are several sizes of towels available and at times it is difficult to pick. We’ll be looking at three major sizes of microfiber towels.

  • Tiny towel sizes (under 40″x20″) make ideal for towels for a gym for a round of golf or hand towels, or as a dish-towel. Due to their absorption they can be used for ultralight backpacking in which every bit is important.
  • Huge towel sizes (around 60″x30″) tend to be most effective all-around. They are suitable for the majority of activities of the smaller towels but they also work to lay out, wrapping yourself around and changing your towels. This is usually the size that you envision for the size of a larger towel. Although this size is a bit large however, it is extremely compact and light.
  • Extra-large towels (Around 65″x65″) are ideal for two people to lounge on. The majority of the time, two person towels are unnecessary as they’re very massive, they can be difficult to dry with when both of you are wet and quite bulky for travel.
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After evaluating a range of the top towels as well as sizes we came up with an adventure towel. Made from incredibly soft microfiber suede, these towels were created to ensure you’re able to pack them lighter and be ready to get into any opportunity. Our quick drying and absorbent towels are tough, but exceptionally soft to last and make you feel comfy. The full-size towels fold into a compact size, allowing you to carry it wherever your journey takes you.