What Is Azores Airlines Baggage Allowance?

Harry Oliver


Unpacking Azores Airlines’ Baggage Policy: What You Need to Know

If you’re planning a trip with Azores Airlines (S4), one of the first things you’ll want to familiarize yourself with is their baggage policy. Nobody wants to be caught off guard at the airport, right? So, let’s break it down in plain English, so you know exactly what to expect.

Personal Item and Carry-On Allowance

First off, let’s talk about what you can bring on board without incurring any additional fees. Azores Airlines (S4) offers a pretty standard deal here:

  • 1 Personal Item: You can bring along your trusty personal item, like a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag, without paying an extra dime.
  • 1 Carry-On Item: You’re also allowed one carry-on item, but the specifics can vary depending on your ticket class.

Economy Class Carry-On

If you’re flying Economy Class with Azores Airlines, here’s the lowdown on your carry-on allowance:

  • One Piece of Luggage: You can take one piece of carry-on luggage with you.
  • Dimensions: Make sure your carry-on doesn’t exceed 115 cm (that’s 55 x 40 x 20 cm) when you include the handles and wheels.
  • Weight Limit: It should weigh no more than 8 kg (or about 17 pounds).
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Executive Class Carry-On

Now, for those of you living the high life in Executive Class, here’s what you get:

  • Two Pieces of Luggage: You’re allowed two carry-on pieces.
  • Dimensions: Each piece should stay within 126 cm (56 x 45 x 25 cm), including those handles and wheels.
  • Weight Limit: Each piece can weigh up to 10 kg (around 22 pounds).

A Word About Bulkhead Seats

Before you start packing all your goodies, remember that bulkhead seats don’t have under-seat storage. That means all your carry-on stuff needs to be stowed in the overhead bin during take-off and landing.

Checked Baggage Policy

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of checked baggage. What you can bring in the hold depends on your ticket class and where you’re flying to. Here’s the scoop:

For Flights to Portugal Domestic, Europe, Africa, and Brasil

  • Executive Class Comfort Ticket: You’re in luck with a generous allowance of 64 kg (141 lb).
  • Economy Class Value Ticket: You can check up to 46 kg (101 lb).
  • Economy Class Smart Ticket: Expect a limit of 35 kg (77 lb).
  • Economy Class Discount Ticket: Keep it to 23 kg (50 lb).
  • Goldsky Passengers: If you’re flying with Discount or Smart fares in Economy Class or have an awards ticket, you’ll get an extra 10 kg (22 lb) on top of your paid allowance.

For Flights to the United States and Canada

  • Executive Class Comfort Ticket: You can check two pieces, each weighing no more than 32 kg (70 lb).
  • Economy Class Value Ticket: Same as above, two pieces, but each should stay within 23 kg (50 lb).
  • Economy Class Smart Ticket: For this class, it’s one piece at 23 kg (50 lb).
  • Economy Class Discount Ticket: Again, one piece at 23 kg (50 lb).
  • Goldsky Passengers: If you’re traveling between the United States and Cape Verde with Discount and Smart tickets, you’re allowed two pieces, each weighing no more than 23 kg (50 lb).
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Baggage Fees and Excess Baggage

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: fees. While you won’t be charged for baggage within your allowance, excess baggage does come with a price tag.

Excess Baggage Fees

  • Portugal Domestic Routes: Prepare to shell out EUR 4 per extra kilogram.
  • Europe and Africa Routes: It’s EUR 15 per kilogram or GBP 15 per kilogram.
  • USA and Canada Routes: If your bag is between 24 kg and 32 kg, you’ll be looking at CAD 100 or USD 100 or EUR 80 per excess piece or bag.

Sports Equipment

If you’re an adventure enthusiast and can’t bear to leave your sports gear behind, Azores Airlines has got you covered. Certain sports equipment can travel with you, free of charge. Just remember to make reservations with the airline beforehand and ensure your equipment stays within the allowances. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Fishing Equipment: You can bring up to 10 kg of fishing gear.
  • Horseback Riding Equipment: Up to 10 kg for all your equestrian needs.
  • Diving and Canyoning Equipment: Feel free to pack up to 15 kg of diving and canyoning gear.
  • Golf Equipment: Golfers, you’re allowed up to 15 kg for your clubs and gear.
  • Boards and Kayaks: Boarders and kayakers can bring up to 10 kg of equipment.
  • Bikes: Cyclists, rejoice! You can pack up to 10 kg for your bike.
  • Hang-Gliders and Paragliders: For those who like to soar, bring up to 15 kg of hang-gliding and paragliding gear.

CPAP Devices

If you rely on a CPAP device for a good night’s sleep, Azores Airlines has specific rules to keep in mind. You can carry CPAPs, but they need to be pre-reserved and confirmed with SATA. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Battery Restrictions: Each battery used in the device or spare batteries should not exceed 8g for non-rechargeable batteries or a maximum of 160 Wh for rechargeable batteries.
  • Protection Measures: Ensure the device is protected from inadvertent activation. Disconnect the battery and insulate the terminals if needed. Packing it in the original package or placing each battery in a separate case is also acceptable.
  • Spare Batteries: You can carry a maximum of two spare batteries, and they must be protected from short circuits by insulating the battery terminals.
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So there you have it – the complete breakdown of Azores Airlines’ baggage policy. Now you can pack your bags with confidence and enjoy your journey without any baggage-related surprises. Safe travels!