What Is XiamenAir Baggage Allowance?

Harry Oliver


Demystifying Xiamen Airlines Baggage Rules

Hey there, savvy travelers! If you’ve got an upcoming trip with Xiamen Airlines and you’re wondering about the nitty-gritty details of their baggage policies, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into the ins and outs of Xiamen Airlines’ baggage allowances and regulations, so you can jet off stress-free.

Carry-On Essentials

When it comes to carry-on luggage, Xiamen Airlines has some straightforward guidelines:

Economy and Business Class

If you’re traveling in Economy or Business Class, you’re allowed one piece of carry-on luggage. The catch? It can’t weigh more than 5 kg (that’s roughly 11 lbs), and its dimensions should not exceed 20 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm. So, pack wisely, and don’t overstuff that carry-on!

First Class

Now, if you’re living the high life in First Class, you get a bit more elbow room. You can bring two pieces of carry-on luggage, as long as each piece doesn’t exceed 5 kg (about 11 lbs) and stays within the dimensions of 20 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm. First Class travel, anyone?

Checked Baggage Breakdown

The baggage allowance for checked luggage depends on your class of travel:

Domestic Flights

  • Economy Class: If you’re flying Economy within China, each adult or child ticket holder (ages 2 to 12) gets 20 kg (approximately 44 lbs) of checked baggage.
  • Business Class: Upgrading to Business Class? You’ll enjoy a bit more wiggle room with a 30 kg (around 66 lbs) allowance.
  • First Class: For those in the lap of luxury in First Class, you can bring a whopping 40 kg (about 88 lbs) of checked baggage.
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International Flights

For international journeys, whether your free baggage allowance is determined by weight or pieces depends on your destination:

  • United States and Canada: You’ll be counting pieces. Each passenger gets to check in a certain number of bags.
  • Other Regions and Countries: Here, it’s all about weight. Your free baggage allowance is calculated based on how much your bags weigh.

No matter where you’re headed, remember that each piece of checked luggage should not exceed a maximum weight of 50 kg (approximately 110 lbs), and the dimensions should stay within 40 cm x 60 cm x 100 cm. So, pack smartly and don’t go overboard!

Little Travelers – Infants and Minors

If you’re traveling with infants, they get a piece of the baggage pie too. Infants have a free baggage allowance of 10 kg (around 22 lbs). As for minors (children aged 2 to 12), their baggage allowance matches that of adult-fare ticket holders in their class of travel.

Sporting a Good Time

Are you an adventurous traveler who can’t leave home without their sports gear? Xiamen Airlines allows you to bring sports equipment, including firearms and ammunition for sporting purposes. However, there’s a catch – they must comply with the airline’s transport conditions and be authorized by Xiamen Airlines. So, make sure you check all the boxes before bringing along your gear.

Excess Baggage Blues

Sometimes, you just can’t help but overpack. If you find yourself with excess baggage, don’t fret. The amount by which your luggage exceeds the weight limit is considered excess baggage. The fee for excess baggage is calculated at 1.5% of the full economy class ticket price on the day you check it in. It’s calculated in yuan and rounded to the nearest whole yuan. Keep this in mind to avoid any surprises at the check-in counter.

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Special Note: CPAP Devices

If you’re someone who relies on a CPAP device for medical reasons and you need to use medical oxygen during your flight, Xiamen Airlines requires you to have a medical certificate issued by a physician. It’s essential to notify the booking service agent at the time of ticket purchase to ensure a smooth journey.

So, there you have it, fellow travelers. Xiamen Airlines has their baggage policies laid out to make your trip as smooth as possible. Remember to pack smart, adhere to the guidelines, and enjoy your flight hassle-free! Safe travels!